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02/23/2021 02:32 PM 

The present of Baron Legolasion .."from this hour on, I pledge..."

It was a pleasant warm and sunny day at the Realm of Mirkwood. The trees stretched towards the sky while their leaves rustled. The air smelled fresh and the sun warmed as Baron ventured into the Mirkwood Forest. Winter was on the way to say goodbye and spring was expected. Baron felt new energy flowing through his body.

He made his way to a outlying location near the great river Andunie. He loved the silence there, he always went there to let his soul dangle or to think about something. This time it was to think. Baron was now a young elf boy at the tender age of only twenty years, for elves this still meant that he was a child. Nevertheless, he found himself old enough to serve his folk, his family and his king.

So far he had a well-protected life, until the day when Baron decided to change this life, with the help of a very strong witch and to take a potion to grow older. From the tender age of eight, Baron grew to be a twenty year old elven boy. Baron now saw himself in the position to help his family and his king to protect the numerous children. This was what was most important to Baron. His family and siblings meant everything to him.

At a very young age, Baron had lost his birth parents, was taken in and raised by Legolas and Verdarianna, and from that day on he wanted to do everything in his strength to thank them in some way. Baron had reached a hill near the great river Andunie, he sat there on a stone, watched and listened to the river. He could see far over the Mirkwood realm as he took a deep breath. This was his home, his safe place and he wanted to protect it just as his grandfather and father did to this day.

The sun warmed his body, filled him with energy and strength. Baron had never felt more alive than at this moment. He closed his eyes for a moment, enjoyed nature, listened to the trees, the river and the birds, he thanked Eru and the Valar for his life, a life that he had almost lost in the tender baby age. Baron thanked his parents, who had raised him like their own blood, for his many siblings whom he adored and who loved him. Every day was a wonderful experience in Mirkwood and Baron was more than grateful for every single second of this life.

Minutes passed when Baron made a decision, then he slowly got up and started walking back to the great halls of Mirkwood. Today would be the day he would put his life and loyalty in the hands of his grandfather and king Thranduil. From today he would give his loyalty to this realm and its folk. This was what he had been thinking about. He had grown up here, but he was adopted and was part of the Elves of Rivendell, where his birth parents had lived and where he was born.

Baron reached the great halls of the great Elvenking Thranduil few minutes later. The doors were ajar and Baron could catch a glimpse of his king and grandfather. How he was sitting majestically on his throne. King Thranduil, like his father Prince Legolas, were Barons role models and all he wanted was to be just as brave as these two.

He knocked on the door before entering the great halls with his head lowered. After a while he raised his head to look his king and grandfather into the eyes. A smile crossed Baron's face as their eyes met. The king had no idea why Baron would be here, but he would soon find out.

Baron stood motionless in front of his grandfather and king for a moment, then he went on his knees in front of him. "My beloved grandfather, my king, I was taken in here many years ago, I was raised and loved like a child/grandchild of your own, although I am a born Elf from Rivendell, today I want to swear my loyalty to Mirkwood and only call you my king" Baron looked up at his king, took another deep breath before taking his oath. He pulled out his sword, put it in both hands and held it out to his king and grandfather.

"From this hour, until death takes me or the world ends, I, Baron Legolasion pledge to be faithful to my Elven King and his realm" 



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