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02/23/2021 02:29 PM 

Baron Legolasion, Memories...A Story to be told

The Memories of an little Elven Boy, sad ones, but with a happy End, a Story to be told..

Baron was just few Days old as his little Life was taking a tragic Turn. from being a beloved little Baby Boy, to a lonely Baby, somewhere in the Forest, under a Wagon, next to dead Orcs, Wargs and his dead Parents.

Even if Baron was a newborn, he had abilities, he couldn't speak, but he could make it possible that Everyone could feel his Emotions, right now there was nothing but Fear, what the little Boy was feeling. He heard all those Sounds of Attacking. Then he saw how his beloved Mother got shoot by an Arrow of an Orc.

His Father who was running away with Nellas and then the Moment of Hope as the Father returned, but this Hope was only for a short Moment because the last Thing what Baron saw with his little Eyes were how his Father got killed by an Orc through a Sword.

The nasty Laughs of some Orcs still in his Ears, Baron made no Sound, no Move, he was protected through a Wagon. He maybe was just a Baby, but he already knew to do the right Thing to the right Time and to do nothing right now, seemed the Best. 

Baron was there for Hours, the Night arrived, the Baby Boy started to freeze and he was getting hungry, but he was too afraid to do anything. His Parents dead, his Sister running away, Baron was all alone, he was scared to Death, even the rest of the Orcs and Wargs were gone. Baron didn't made a Sound not a Move till the next Day.

Some more Hours passed by, Baron heard some Footsteps, then he could feel a Presence, it felt good, not evil, no Harm and the little Boy started to scream out of full Lungs.

Baron found himself in Arms of an Elf, long blond Hair, a friendly Face and Baron could feel that he wouldn't harm him. Finally Baron was safe and that he didn't needed to be scared anymore, slowly the Boy was calming down, stopped crying as he got carried away.

Few Minutes later Barons little Eyes wandered around, he was on a Place he never saw before, it was his new Home, he didn't knew at this Time, but soon he saw this young Woman, brown Hair, brown Eyes and a beautiful warm Smile.

He soon was in the Arms of the Woman and Baron was feeling welcome the first Second on. He could feel how the Man and the Woman cared about the little Boy, like Mother and Father. Then someone familiar joined the Three, Barons little Eyes got big and a Squeak was heard, he was looking at his beloved Sister Nellas, he thought he would never see again.

Baron wiggled in the Arms of the Woman, looked at the Man with the blond Hair and then at his beloved Sister. He was losing every Fear, then he was sending out his Emotions, of feeling safe, protected and loved.

In this Moment Baron knew, he was Home...



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