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February 28th, 2021

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November 22, 2020


02/22/2021 11:47 PM 

Castellano's Summit Retreat
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Trinity Castellano


Glory you bitch. LOL Okay Four fingers now. Okay Never have I ever mainpulated another RPG leader to pretend to be another RPG Leader. 

Posted on Feb 23rd 2021 - 2:10 AM

Glory Jamesia Castellano


Okay I will go first never have I ever wrote roleplay with my best friends actual boyfriend and he put crushing in his status line. While at the same time being married to my other bestfriends actual boyfriend. On my other account. . 

Posted on Feb 23rd 2021 - 2:08 AM

Trinity Castellano


I know lets play Never have I ever each start with five fingers. If someone else says something we done.   We then put a finger down. 

Posted on Feb 23rd 2021 - 2:05 AM

POD Sammie De


Now all that has cleared the room. I say its time for a game? Come on girls I know you can think of a good one."   

Posted on Feb 23rd 2021 - 2:00 AM

Glory Jamesia Castellano


Perhaps that the reason her and I bonded we both have flare for the dramatics. But You know no matter how much people claim to say they hate drama. The truth its often teh dramatic times. That remind us how our imprefections make us who we are. And that someone actually does give a damn. 

Posted on Feb 23rd 2021 - 1:52 AM

Princess Lily Dra


That is so sad I mean I don't dislike her. She seems nice and all. It sounds like she has had one horrid life to live. I just don't get how she knows Dom. I mean has he not really been awol for the last year? And been doing Devil knows what with greenie locks? I just don't know. I mean I feel so left out the loop now. 

Posted on Feb 23rd 2021 - 1:48 AM

Trinity Castellano


Yeah for like a day or two. But it was so forced on them by Johnny. Speaking off isn't something like that occuring again. I swore I noticed it some where. But I am now to drunk to remember nor care. And Lily girl Abby has always been drama. I remember back in the day if her or Phoebe threw a damn fit. Everyone had to drop what they were doing. Cause it was always about them.     

Posted on Feb 23rd 2021 - 1:46 AM

Glory Jamesia Castellano


I know one thing if she has some song on her page playing her emotions. That is when you know she means it. No less she can be good friend and ally. If you prove your worth. And Trinity wasn't the lady Lily is named after once married to her and Johnny? .  

Posted on Feb 23rd 2021 - 1:43 AM

Princess Lily Dra


Um actually the Powers that Be do, And wait how did you know his age? Umm okay. She then walks over to where Trinity and Glory are. Okay please pour a drink now too. Cause I am so beyond lost now. I mean how does  this green haired woman know Dom. And is she always like that? 

Posted on Feb 23rd 2021 - 1:41 AM

♥ Abby ♥


Abby now was almost in tears. Then again making her cry had been about the only thing he had ever been good for. " Am sorry what? I don't know but did you once think. Maybe Dom is just nineteen year old boy. And not any different from the rest. I mean who says he can fix all that has been broken? You? Urg she said as she then stormed outside she had to get some air. Cause she refused to let him see her cry.. 

Posted on Feb 23rd 2021 - 1:38 AM

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