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February 23rd, 2021

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Gender: Female

Age: 24
Country: United States

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October 14, 2018


02/22/2021 04:37 PM 

Activity Check - 2/28

1. How long do members have to sign the weekly?
We should be signing the weekly within 48 hours.

2. How long do members have to complete the Activity Check (number of days and rough time).
We get one week (by Sunday) and typically before the event (which usually happens around 8PM est.)

3. How often should you be logging into your site account?
Every 48 hours minimum.

4, What is the minimum amount of connections each member is expected to have?
We should have at least 4 connections, but more is encouraged :)! 

5. What are the writing expectations for writing partners that choose to write Multi-Para?
You should write at least a minimum of 3 paragraphs for each reply/starter and you get a maximum of 2-weeks to reply to your writing partner.

6. What are the writing expectations for writing partners that choose to write Para/Banter?
You should send 4 replies to your writing partner weekly with each reply consisting of a minimum of 5 sentences (one paragraph).

7. What should you do if you feel that you may not be able to complete activity requirements in the upcoming week(s)? 
Let a moderator know asap! Make sure that you are caught up on everything though, first.

8. How often are the members expected to participant in an event? 
At least once a month.

9. How often are members allowed to make face changes?
Only once!

10. During a blast, how many posts (minimum) are you required to make for it to count towards activity requirements?
You should post a mnimum of 5 times in a blast for it to count towards activity.



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