i'm too shy to speak up. guess i have my reasons for telling little lies about those around me and what i could be. it's eating me alive. there's a hole in my head and heart but i'm a long way from the start.


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February 28th, 2021

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August 13, 2020


02/22/2021 01:59 PM 

timeline added: xena / witcher / etc.


*  Not gonna lie,  it's mostly just Snow White but with Mary-Sue as their name.

--  Mary-Sue is born as a princess. Her mother dies giving childbirth, her father marries another woman. Shortly after the marriage, a prophecy deems that the new queen will fall to the princess. The queen sets out to hide Mary-Sue and Mary-Sue's heritage. It is quickly revealed the new queen is, of course, an evil, lesser god and when Mary-Sue's father / the king hears of what she's doing, he sets out to banish the queen. It doesn't work. She kills him, declares a new reign of terror and monarchy over the kingdom.

-- What God doesn't like power is the moral of the story? The queen / God (coming up with names later) misses the fact that there were quite a few loyal people to Mary-Sue's father and Mary-Sue. A few escape the reign of terror. Mary-Sue ends up finding a way to escape - the few loyal people hear of this and set out to unite with her.

-- Cue an anarchy.


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