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Avery and Bowie were in the kitchen baking cakes and cookies. Every time Bowie finished a batch Avery would lick the batter from the bowls. So it was mainly Bowie baking and Avery observing, not that Bowie minded. “Are you going to help?” Bowie asked with a chuckle. After placing three cakes into the oven Bowie moved onto making another cake batter, and when that was done she filled up some cupcake tins so they were ready to go into the oven next, once the other cakes had baked. She then placed the bowl to the side, and of course Avery began eating that batter too which caused Bowie to laugh at her and roll her eyes slightly.

Bowie moved onto a cookie batter and once the batter was done she added some chocolate chips and mix and then portioned them out on a baking tray so they were also ready to go. As they waited for the first batch of cakes to bake the two drank wine and talked, and Avery washed up. It was only fair since Bowie had done most of the work baking. When the timer bleeped she grabbed her oven gloves and took out the cakes and placed them on a rack to cool. She then added the cupcakes and set the timer again. Bowie then helped dry the appliances and placed them in the appropriate draws and cupboards. When the cupcakes were ready she took them out and allowed them cool, and placed the cookies in to bake.

She then iced the cakes before stacking them into a three tier cake. She then added some finishing details. Avery seemed very excited and just kept staring at her smiling. It was a kind of creepy smile. “Please, stop smiling at me like that. I’m not sure what will happen if you keep doing that” she said. “You may just get this cake in your face” she added with a chuckle. When she finished she stepped back and smiled. She then checked the cupcakes and they were cool enough so she added frosting to the top of each cupcake, and added a flower she had created from fondant to the top for extra decoration. When the cookies were done she allowed them to cool like everything else. “You know if we eat all of these we are going to get extremely fat right?” she asked with a smirk.



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