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March 19th, 2021

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November 22, 2020


02/14/2021 04:21 PM 

Devils Group Meeting
Category: Guidelines
Current mood:  aggravated

Guys and Gals we got a lot of serious issues to address and things that need to be discussed.
First and for most all these out of character blog post addressing members and or former ones
that have got to stop. It has reached the point of tabloid level now. 
And it causes others to become confused and think
we are wild and out of control heathens. 
Also if you have any issue with the founding Fathers and Mothers.
Why would you even want to be linked to their legacy?

It just makes no sense if you ask me. 
The POD Tag is an honour given not a privileged one
just gains rights too. From former connections they once had. 
Remember this former trial session please do not speak 
or bring up nonrelevant issues. 


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POD Phyllis


Gross Gus we did not need to know all of that LOL

Posted on Feb 14th 2021 - 6:21 PM

Gusionđź’•'s Nate


That is true once I get
my mojo back I got
ten smut emails to reply too. 

Posted on Feb 14th 2021 - 6:21 PM

POD Sammie De


I say in that case lets do just that. And ingore her crazy ass. Cause we all have better things to do with our time.  

Posted on Feb 14th 2021 - 6:19 PM

Lily Dra *Heartbroken*


Right Phyllis its a shame you could not have been here last night. I did not even speak much. Just sat back and watched as it unfolded. But now cause of us meeting about it. She very well may even try to take it another level. Just cause she will think we are paying her mind and actually care.  

Posted on Feb 14th 2021 - 6:18 PM

POD Phyllis


Its why I almost think we should just ingore it. If she has been removed from the group. We now should not pay it any mind. Cause then she will think we are keeping up with  her. 

Posted on Feb 14th 2021 - 6:15 PM

POD Sammie De


Let me add some color to ha ha. Phyllis you are likey on track there. Cause no person just acts like that. Then again I can recall Melaine had changed a lot after her and Ethen broke up. And prior I had use to consider her friend. But she really went psycho there for a while. Maybe she still is crazy. I just seriously do not know what to think at this point.  

Posted on Feb 14th 2021 - 6:08 PM

Lily Dra *Heartbroken*


You know Phyllis makes a really good point. And I never even thought about it. But they way they all flocked on Dom when he was around. It really does seem like they do it for attention. And Tara and Megan Rosario were the two that keep pestering him the most. I really miss Dom I wish he would come back so badly. But I guess I just have to accept he is gone. 

Posted on Feb 14th 2021 - 6:05 PM

POD Phyllis


That is an easy answer Sami Dee
Attention Whores.... 
At least if you ask me, that is all it really seems to be about. People trying to get noticed to just be noticed. That or they really are trying to make Caleb Rosario popular for some reason. Which cleary makes no sense. Since he will not even write on here. I just know Amy is right. It really needs to stop. I mean we are all here to write not fight?  Mel almost reminds me of Megan Kain the way she carries herself. 


Posted on Feb 14th 2021 - 6:01 PM

POD Sammie De


Geez all this drama? And about what? People who are not around anylonger? I seriously just do not get it. I mean what is even the point?. 

Posted on Feb 14th 2021 - 5:57 PM

POD Phyllis


From all that I have read over. It seems they think someone is posting from a Georgina account. Talking about all of us. And Melaine had posted some blog talking about former members. And it seems to have upset Amy.  And also that Candices accounts have a new writer now. Due to she had been the one behind the Rosario Show hour. So Asmo and Archie conned her in giving  access to her accounts to take them from her. So Gus left a lot out Sami Dee. 

Posted on Feb 14th 2021 - 5:56 PM


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