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March 19th, 2021

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November 22, 2020


01/30/2021 09:48 PM 

Showdown At the House Of Devils Stone
Current mood:  confused

After Asmodeus and Amy teleport Candice and Amara out of Kains Dungeons. They begin to gather the other Devils and prepare for the final showdown. Between two fractions of a once united House. As of yet no previous former Ancients have risen. So it does seem whoever wins this battle will in fact determine the fate of the once semi unknown group of Demons. That now has soared to an infamous level notably.

Amy much like Asmo is quite shocked and confused by the current events. Seeing a part of her always thought Dra had been right. But now it seems she may in fact had been even more wrong than she realized. No less the years since it now seems the price has finally come to be paid. And where all this truly began is but a matter of opinion.  Just then she heard someone blink in. At first thinking, it was one of Kain's team members she had quickly drawn two energy balls in both of her hands. each flashing in pink color. 

Hey, watch it with those. They may not kill me but they still burn almost like hellfire. 
 Amy was then taken back a little at first not realizing who she had been. Then once their demonic ora's connected she then knew who it was right off. " Lillith what are you doing here?" 
I am the mother of all Demons after all. Why would not be here to see who wins? Besides its not like I would ever keep up with any single one my demon offspring. The way that novelist happy homewrecker thinks. I never met any vampire with more nerve than her. But I guess like beauty to some the past must just be in the eye of the beholder. 
I am not too sure what you mean. Are you going to help us fight Kain's side of the family? 
Nope, I will just be here to observe and see which one those annoying horseman's offspring turns out to be the most powerful. 
It truly had not surprised Amy that Lillith had no interest in demonic issues. Since even she knew that the rumors about her regretting leaving Adam were likely true. Just as the ones about Amy begging God to take her back had been. Then another blinked in. But this time in Amy's line of sight. 
Amy, it has been what? Five hundred years? You and I both know Astaroth is not dead. Just avoiding her summoning rants. Really does the one who use to call upon us to fill her former lovers when they dumped her. Now suddenly acting all high and mightily. No less I can ensure any enchantments used can be prevented from entering these walls. This is after all the place you intend to fight them yes?
Yes, Asmodeus said it was the most haunted pub in England. And it would aid our powers to pull from all the bond souls here. Which I can see how he was right. There a lot of lost souls in this place. And yes it is where we are holding out. For the final showdown. And really you will Help me? And is this all for free? Or is there a catch?
Amy Amy Amy, you know me all too well now don't you lassy? And yes just one. You finally stop refusing my advances. And allow me at least one weekend to woo you. 
 Amy was really not too sure at first but then again. If one weekend and few dates nights. Would get her this valuable aid. Then how could she possibly refuse? " Yes okay,
I will agree with it. But no promises of lustful actions. Just weekend of date nights. That is it and all I make an oath to give you Armaros." 

Amy what do you take me for? An Angel of lust? Never even crossed my mind. And agreed. 
Armaros then waved his hands in mannerism similar to one leading orchestra about to play.
And the place had been made enchantment proof. Which would render any power-boosting relics they had useless. And then he faded out of the place no sooner than he had in. Then last but not least. Berith had faded in. Appearing as soldiers as he often did.  
Do tell me, Amy, Is her thing for Dukes of Hell? Is that why shes so cuckoo for Astro puffs? Cause she does realize Hell has many Dukes? Each with their long list of legions?
You know I have no idea, I do not want to be one to assume. Since that seems to be the very action that has to lead to all this occurring. No less I am quite interested to hear why you have come. You are still one of the few Angels I know very little about or have even gotten to know. 
That just goes to show you, Amy. Instead of spending all that time begging You know who to take you back. Which by the way still has you on Lucifers least-loved Angels list. You might want to get to know me. Seeing all the dark witches who try to make a pack with Lucifer deal with me. Or as these kids around here are familiar with that term crossroads demon. And I am in fact the one and only. Unless the bringer of dawn deems one worthy enough to deal with one on one. When it comes to the idols that humans flock too. It is very rare he himself actually takes an interest. I mean that is what he has us for. Now I am saddened to say. Though that witch's playby and actoress may have done some bargains on the show she got her from. The actual one behind it. Not any I can find. Which can only mean one of two things. She is dealing with familiar or she is just one those nature nuts. Who think we freely give out powers as we did during the days of giants. Sorry kiddos all these centuries has truly made us loathe humanity. So keep a close eye out for any beast, fowl, or even insect that may stay close to her. Tell that rage monster that likes Dukes of Hell so much. To move on from Astraoth cause he is but only one of many. 
He then winks at her and fades out rise of green dust. 
Amy now was a little taken by surprise. She really had no idea that many even paid attention to what had been going on. Much less even cared. To her most around these parts. Had all be lost in their own little worlds. No less at least finally now. All this was finally going to come to close. And the last remaining seeds of the nearly dead demonic coven. Would face off for who would be the last one standing once this story finally came to its close. 


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