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March 22nd, 2021

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January 18, 2020


01/30/2021 09:31 PM 

Seven Bloody Hells

As always with you lot. I never regret spending my time elsewhere. But can we please get on with it. I am ready to rescue my mother. But if Chase and his mates do not add me. How am I even able to partake in doing so? Ever since Christmas, it has seemed some cord has been struck. And all you have turned into chavs fit to be tied. 

Let us all just please get back to our normal group roleplay as we were. Stop all these constant out of character assassinations of the other already. There was a time when what I bloody admired about our lot. It never mattered if we liked the other or not. We still never turned on the other. As of late this constant taking over parts and shagging with the other's former LI's. Without even bloody telling them they were not writing with who they once were needs to stop. 

If you stayed more involved with us lot. You would have the answer to your own damn questions you bloody bugger. But I will speak with my mother and make sure things are taken care of.  And that you are left in peace.

Asmo Ozzy 


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