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01/19/2021 07:38 PM 

POD Heather Dreamy
Category: Stories

Love first off I am still confused to which Heather you actually are. 
But it has to be a complete stranger. Though Jack technically was not a stranger to Ethen, Joanna and Alex Jr.  He had still been so to the rest of us lot. And involving him was what lead to our division. 
The War of the Devils as most like to call it. 

Ethen became Bitter and the way he was. Due to fact he never knew Melaine had truly loved him. He was lead to think. It was all about causing him to Lose Joanna and Johnny. And he had just been manipulated and the curses cast at that time.  Prevent it from being one us to be able to break it. Or get involved in the two of them from making Amends. It must be completed by a Stranger who does not know any of us. But comes to love us and realize we are in fact worth saving. 

I hope this explains it, love. 


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