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January 25th, 2021

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September 13, 2020


01/13/2021 11:36 PM 


What is Hogwarts United? HU is an environment that allows you to picture your own character as a Hogwarts student. From sci-fi to SPN, from crime to comics; we have members from most of the genres and we wait for you to join us! All you need is to get creative and twist your character’s backstory a little. And a Discord account! Are there roles to fill or do we join with an existing character! Both! Or you could also join with a headcanon of any fandom. Say, we want to join with a head-canon but do not have this character already. Do we have to make a new account for the character? Absolutely not. It’s all up to you. How often do we have to post? Whenever you can! How often do we have to be online? At least once in 3 weeks. You just let us know if you do not feel the muse OR can’t find time to roleplay your character for over 3 weeks. We put your character on break and wait for your return. But if you don’t return for over 6 months, we may recruit a new person for your spot. But that’s pretty laid-back. Is this group really active? Daily sl posting average: 4 Banter: Active throughut the different time of date. We have writers not only from States but all across the globe so there are at least 3 members online at any hour of the day. How many members are there? 45. And about 10 of them are highly active. The chances for loneliness drops almost to zero. You so so rarely might get bored. For how long you were around? First established in 2010. So you play your characters between the ages 11-18. How old are you guys as writers? We are averaged 30.9 The youngest is 20+


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