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01/13/2021 11:18 PM 

The Father's True Agenda

My character is a priest that manipulates women (and sometimes men) that their sexual sins can only be absolved by giving themselves to him sexually at that moment when they are in the confessional. He likes to record them for his own personal archives and has hidden cameras in the confessional at the church that he personally is in charge of and even owns, so there are certain days of the week where only people that claim to desperately need his guidance and to repent will be allowed in the church. Since he is well respected, no one ever rats him out and everyone who doesn't really know his "hobbies" firmly believes he is celibate as priests are supposed to be and that he is one with either Christianity or Catholocism.

Of course, he is extremely and secretly sinful. He does these sexualized confessionals with anonymity, wearing an expressionless plastic white mask and a black thin fabric hood that covers the rest of his head while still wearing his priest clergy shirt and pants.


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