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01/13/2021 03:23 PM 

silent night i.

{spoilers for season iii ahead.}

To say the aftermath of the 19th of December was shattering would be an understatement. Life is often rated on a scale of the moments that change us, for good or bad. When one reviews a year at its end they often make a list of the events that transpired, and if they were overwhelmingly bad the year would be a bust. Tonight was an event that Daniel LaRusso would rank as beyond amazing. For the last several months he had argued with himself endlessly about how to bury the hatchet between him and Johnny, and for months one thing or another always stood in the way. Either it was his own unrelenting stubbornness, or Johnny’s inability to let bygones be bygones. But with the help of his wife and his ex-girlfriend, Ali they were able cover immense ground, albeit somewhat at his expense. He left with his wife securely wrapped in his arm by his side and a feeling of hope for the future, as though the sun had finally broken over the horizon. 

This all came crashing to a sudden halt when they arrived home and saw the devastation that had taken place. Glass was strewn all along the cobbled path leading to the front door, and intermingled with the broken shards was blood, but whose? Sam’s? Demetri’s? Chris’s? He could hardly blink his eyes as he surveyed the scenes, the reality setting in the further he stepped into his home. Shattered coffee tables, smashed bureaus, walls with indentations of both fist and feet. The students were still there, recovering from the toll the events had incurred on them. They were still in shock, the adrenaline coursing through their young veins. He could see it in their still clenched fists and distant stares. They were anticipating the next blow, and this was no way for children to live. 

It all culminated when he reached the vestibule containing his home dojo, housing some of his most treasured possessions. There was blood everywhere, and weapons scattered on the tatami, but his eyes were immediately drawn to the shattered frame and isolated photo of his late best friend, Mr. Miyagi. And all at once his course was set. This was what it was all about. A vengeful man determined to destroy the very memory of the man that bested him time and time again, who would not rest until he reigned supreme. No matter the lives destroyed or the trauma inflicted, he would not rest. And Daniel knew what he had to do. 

Amanda did her best to calm him down, in the way only she could. Vitriol coursed through his veins as he prepared himself for what was to come. Mortal combat. Kreese had foretold of a day where it was inevitable for them to meet and finish what had been started more than thirty years ago. Danny scoffed at his ridiculousness, but now he realized it was inevitable, if only because Kreese wouldn’t allow it to be any other way. He had planned his script and executed it masterfully. The pawns were all set on the board, and Kreese would sacrifice all the pawns necessary for checkmate to be ensured, and now Danny had to play his part and put his body on the line to shield the pieces that had placed their trust in him. 

"you wanted a f i g h t, you son of a bitch? You got o n e."

The rest is history, written in the annals of Miyagi-Do Karate. 

The coming days were promising ones, a rivalry abandoned in favor of teaming up to destroy a greater evil. It warmed Daniel’s heart to see so many friends reunite when training commenced in his new dojo that he had joined with Johnny. This was a group where there were so many scars and past heartbreak, but these wonderful kids were willing to put it all aside and march toward a better future. There was no doubt there was some trepidation about working with Johnny, but as he awaited him to join him in front of the class the example of these teenagers carried him through. Maybe there was hope for the valley after all? 


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