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01/13/2021 12:02 PM 

Lars 'Beast' Dawson

After witnessing the tragic death of his mother and father, Lars has never been the same since. He doesn’t talk about that night at all, he tries his hardest to bury it in the depths of his mind. Some nights however, he has panic attacks about it, reliving the incident over and over again. The memories haunt him. And sometimes, he has episodes where he’s not himself.

He tries to be relatively normal, participating in clubs at the University, the boxing club specifically helped him ease his brain. When he’s fighting, or training, it’s like everything else disappears and he’s at ease. Lars tries to get that adrenaline rush as much as he can, even going off to street fights to get the same high feeling. Not only does he cope well with it, but he’s found it much more fun than video games or anything else of the sorts. Call it his hobby.

Psychology major. While he himself doesn’t want to see any sort of mental help, he figures he can unlock his own past himself and face his struggles if he learns along the way. He also wants to help others who’ve faced a similar trauma.

His darkest secrets:

In one of his episodes in which he blacked out, he suddenly came to realization inside of someone else’s house. He was all bloody and holding a knife, realizing he had broken into someone’s house and made them suffer what his parents had. In his quick thinking, he had cleaned himself fully from the crime scene and it was ruled an accident, or was it? Now he’s afraid of blacking out the same way again.

Coming off the first incident, he did it again. This time, right before he was going to be knocked out by his opponent, his quick thinking for the upper hand and in a fit of rage— snapped the neck of his opponent and killed him. The spectators of the street fight let it slide, as it was illegal for them to be doing this any way. Some may say... Lars liked what he did?


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