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01/12/2021 07:22 PM 

Ready for My Close Up! (more questions)

What's the wildest thing you've done in a hotel?

“I wouldn’t say it’s wild, but on my 21st birthday my cousin Natalie and I booked a weekend long trip to Tuscan and stayed at the Hyatt Place. We brought just one bottle of tequila, a bag of limes and salt and did shots in that little room. We lost our deposit because of all the lime peels we had left underneath the bed.”

What is the stupidest thing you've ever done?

“Not finishing high school after having my baby. I got my GED and technically graduated a year before everyone my age did. I feel like I just missed something in my life. I didn’t go to prom, or have to worry about the SATs like everyone else did. I guess another answer to that would be not going to college either.”

Which human on the planet has the nicest looking face?

“Is it cheating to say my daughter? Because I can’t honestly think of anybody else. Maybe Dolly Parton. Yeah, I’ll say Dolly just to switch things up a little bit!”

What did you want to be when you were younger?

“I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I read a lot of Shel Silverstein books as a kid, y’know like The Missing Piece and Where the Sidewalk Ends and just fell in love with the idea of writing poetry. Those Romona books also inspired me so much.”

If you had the world's attention for a minute, what would you say?

“Let me give my most pageant answer for this: can we please all get along so we can have world peace? That would be nice…”

What is your pets name?

“I recently bought my daughter a guinea pig for Christmas. To my surprise she named him Elrond. Also, we’re not entirely sure if he is in fact a he… either way. Elrond, after that Lord of the Rings character.”

Last time you had sex?

“Let’s play a game. It was when Barack Obama was serving his first term as president. Bridesmaids came out in theaters, one of my favorite movies! Millennial Pink was the only color I would wear. Adele’s 21 album was an absolute hit!

That was the last time I had sex.”

Ballsy enough to drop with who?

“Funny enough, I don’t have those so I’m not ballsy.” Gives a small grin

If you could change your name, would you?

“Absolutely! I go by Par because I can’t stand the mispronunciations my name gets. That’s what I get when my mother tries to be unique. I actually gave my daughter the name I’ve always wanted, Avalon Faye Penderton.”

Would you rather eat sushi everyday or tacos?

“I grew up in Arizona and lived in LA for years, I could never give up the tacos. Sushi is delicious but… I just can’t.”

Favorite smell in the world?

“Freshly clean bed sheets. When I have a bad day at work I will literally wash my sheets, take a long bath, then jump into bed and just breathe. Easiest way to wind down for the night.”

Would you say you're living the dream?

“In some ways, I would consider it the dream. I have a roof over my head and my daughter. Other ways, I wish it could be better for us.”

Do you have children? If not do you want them?

“I have my one daughter, Ava. Do I want more? If the opportunity comes then sure, but I’m in no real hurry to have another child. Besides, I love being known as The Penderton Girls with all of my friends and family.”

Best feature on your body?

“Oh, ummm…” casually touches hair and shrugs

Last trip you took?

“I just came back from my hometown of Scottsdale. Any time I’m able to “take a trip” I usually just go back there. One exception was when I went to San Francisco for my 24th birthday.”

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

“That’s a hard one. I’m definitely a Banana Split kinda girl because it allows me to have multiple flavors and fun toppings!”

What is on your underwear?

“What a fun question. Right now, I’m wearing what Cheryl Frazier in Miss Congeniality would refer to as “Satan’s Panties.”

Last time you cried?

“When I quit my job. It was so nerve wrecking and hard to make that decision that fast. Hopefully it’s one of those “one door closes, another opens” kinda moments.”



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