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March 19th, 2021

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01/02/2021 07:31 PM 

Mother and Daughter reuniting.
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For starters Chirsty we are glad now they are not just letting comments go unchecked. But too I know it  must  be annoying for them to have to approve comments. I am not sure if there are offical rules on ooc Drama or not. But people do fight from time to time. Its hard to tell people to never have a fight ever. But typically there are not that many. 

Well two old gals that were once close friends have decided to reunite and asked to use my blog. Due to they think its the prettiest. But with all the smack Kains Kingdom keeps talking I suppose they are scared.  Asmodeus is supposed to be back to tomorrow and wants us to finish up the previous storyline proir to moving to this new Barbie Annie one. 


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Shadye Dracula


Where I live we got a mix of both. It's often why most just avoid political talk altogether. I have to say this will certainly be one year. We will never forget. And if we have another depression due to it. I imagine a lot more will start roleplaying to escape all the insanity. 

Posted on Jan 2nd 2021 - 10:51 PM

♥ Abby ♥


Yes when all this first started. You would not even beilive how many around where I live. Thought the rapture was coming. And were all getting ready for the world to end. But a lot have clamed down now. And are no longer freaking out as much. But now its all about the Election being a fraud now. The midwest and Califorina are truly like different worlds lol. 

Posted on Jan 2nd 2021 - 10:48 PM

Shadye Dracula


 Okay, I suppose it could always be worse. I am just ready for life to go back to normal. And how about you? 

Posted on Jan 2nd 2021 - 10:45 PM

♥ Abby ♥


I can only imagine. So how has life been treating you?

Posted on Jan 2nd 2021 - 10:44 PM

Shadye Dracula


Trust me when it comes to Asmodeus and Astaroth I have learned the hard way about sharing anything with them. You know Its crazy how both sides of the coven had issues with people. Who all had been connected otherwise. Yea I recollect the TOBAs having a lot of drama this time last year. But all those people really out did any previous I have seen. Imagine there might be new rules made for posting in public now.  Is that not all we always lose our freedoms? Some person always has to try and push them to the limits. 

Posted on Jan 2nd 2021 - 10:41 PM

♥ Abby ♥


 That is all then, I guess sometimes maybe I see now how us sharing accounts did cause a lot of confusion. Since Ahilanna has passed. She had really been the only friend. I ever had done that with. Just due to life could get so crazy for myself at times.  So you had seen my writings? And that was how you realized It was actually me? When that Lauren girl had yelled at that other earth writer. As though she had been talking to me. I just had felt the need. Try and clarify it. From my point of view. And it was not exactly like how she thinks it was. But I truly have been enjoying writing it. I just hope Ethen is out there reading it all too. And guess even a bad day. And bring some good things to light. 

Posted on Jan 2nd 2021 - 10:31 PM

Shadye Dracula


Before Johnny had started acting crazy and causing me all that drama. I did write with him from Callisto account. That had been Tylers at one time LOL.  But that was it. He had thought Hudson was not attractive. Then I thought something was wrong with him. Then he had told Joanna and caused me all this drama. And I had loathed him then on. But that was the only night I ever tried to romantically write with him. I never forget the one night I had tried to be his mother. And he had thought I was Tyler LMFAO. He went on about how he had not wanted a man as a mother. Then I thought well damn hell of a lot of fathers are written by women. I always thought it was funny how Johnny was no different than those desperate girls always wanting a real life boyfriend. It was always about the gender that was behind the account. I swear I was no other accounts he wrote with. And Tiffany and Alisha at that point and time. Were still, Crystal.  So that might be why they thought that maybe I have no idea.

Posted on Jan 2nd 2021 - 10:15 PM

♥ Abby ♥


Yes, It was in a way. It was one between Balain and I. Only due to the fact. You tried to always play the children I had. That Johnny had not. That damn night Johnny had raised hell over you becoming my daugther. Was actually the first night I realized he clearly had feelings for you. Due to he would not shut up about you. A part of me had always wondered if the reason he had always cheated on me so much. We due to he thought all those whores trying to get him had been you. I think Joanna thought a lot had been you too. At least from what Ethen said to me once about it.  " 

Posted on Jan 2nd 2021 - 10:06 PM

Shadye Dracula


Shayde had truly thought about what she asked." I think back then. I assumed the four of you were closer than you actually were. Just thought they would have told you. I see now it had been something they opted to keep private. Which I get in some ways why. And since I assumed you and Ethen had both been the same. I think it was to hurt Johnny more than Joanna really. Though her allowing Trinity to write with Johnny and later Jennifer to write with Anthony. Had fueled my flames some. In those days most everything I did was always motivated by my hate towards Johnny. I see now I should not have let myself got lost in that rage of hate. Cause just like love. Hate can often drive us to do things. In our normal minds, we would not. If I am to be completely honest when I very first went to meet Joanna. It had been due to  Rayne had liked Ethen. And then after I watched him for a while. I had thought he had been Tyler. So In the very beginning, I had been after Ethen. But once I bonded with Joanna as I had. I realized then her friendship meant more to me than another Steven Strait roleplayer. See back in those days my Love interest had always been SS at least until I got close to Joanna. I suppose back then I just had a SS fetish of sorts lol. And does my name have some inside joke to it? Cause I recall when you first got with Tyler you had me change it. Not realizing my real name was not what you thought it was.

Posted on Jan 2nd 2021 - 9:54 PM

♥ Abby ♥


Abby and then smiled leaned back. " So I get the part of why she had first done. Had to do with Johnny. But why were you never honest with Ethen or I?"  And had all you done to Ethen really just been about some morbid. Since of payback to Joanna?" Abby had then thought a second. She realized when it had come to Tyler. She really at this point. Just did not wish to know more. 

Posted on Jan 2nd 2021 - 8:45 PM


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