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12/04/2020 02:12 PM 

Devils and Demons Report.
Category: Guidelines
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From most of the stats, I read over. I was very pleased to not see everyone fighting over one thing or the other. Though I saw Gusion is still calling out people by their out character names. And posting about his fights with this person and that person. Gusion please reframe from all that. At least the referring to others by their birth given names. One for the respect of that person's privacy. Two so that it does not confuse others on who you are talking about. Its something you really need to work on. I get the most complaints on you. And I am thinking that is why.

 I so will never forget when Lucifer found out I begged God to take me back.

Cause earth so sucks compared to Heaven. It's nearly impossible to put into

words. But when you are in Heaven. You feel nothing but all the goodness. That

you only seem to be able to feel here briefly at times. I never had been to Eden

was not fast enough to get past the Flamed sword one who guards it. And he's like

one those guards outside of Buckingham Palace. He refuses to speak to you and

tell you his name. Urg was so annoying.

But before getting off on a tangent. Back in those days, Gusion was such a kiss

ass. Even Lucifer noticed it. Nor had he appreciated it. If anything it just

annoyed him. What most do not realize after the Fall Lucifer run off and left the

rest of us.  Too and Fore all about the earth. He claims he was gone for so long

due to creating insects to plague and torment mankind. Once he had them kicked

out of the Garden.

I never forget the way Eden had lite up the night sky around it. Or when you got

close enough how sweet it smelled. I've yet to ever come across any other place on

earth. That gave off the scent it had. One Day Gusion had a spat with Andrus who

kept turning into Raven to peck his eyes out. And then back to his Heavenly form to

laugh as Gusion moaned and groaned as they formed back. Then Barbatos

  stepped in finally put a stop too it. Afterwards, Gusion just keeps going on and on.

About how he was going to get back at Andrus. Then Flauros walks up and shifts

out of his Leopard form. And says well you know he was trying to always please

Lucifer since he left. Now he always tries to please Belial. Since he seems to

only know how to lick ass and plot behind other's backs. He likely will get his

revenge. By now Gusion has caused such a scene. Trying to convince Flauros

that he had it all wrong. Even in those days he often wasted his time. Trying to

convince those who knew him best. That he was not the Angel they assumed he

was. Then Azael walks up and starts asking Gusion of the things to come. I don't

know if it was just to get him to stop whining or if he truly wanted to know. 

So Gusion becomes like a ball of light and starts speaking in the Angelic tongue.

Tells him how the daughters of Eve will be pleasing to thine eyes. And many of

the Angels shall plant their seeds. In them, And the renowned shall rise and walk

the earth. and others choose the Beast, Fish and fowl from Eden. To create

creatures that shall bestow great fear into the seeds of Adam and Eve. Once God

opens its gates and throws them out. And how the earth would one day be of our

own creation. And the pure seeds of Adam and Eve shall be no more. Then after

going on and on. With this fantastic story of the future to come. He goes and

Amy will beg God to take her back. And so will many others once he bounds many of us.

So let us just say after that I had to flee from the Choir I once had been the second in

command too. And many centuries later Lucifer makes me be the one to manage

Hell and all the devils and demons in it. Not as an award but a torment for the

day surely did come. I pleaded with God to forgive me. For my error in

judgement. In following Lucifer and not Micheal.  But when it comes to us

perfect beings he created with little to no flaws. There are no second chances.

The point being Gusion has always been the way he is. Even back ions ago. So

some Angels just can't change. Though I have no idea how the other higher ups

feel about him now. I can only imagine the same as I do. 


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