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11/27/2020 05:22 PM 

Sorceress of Devils I see you
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First off that transformer comment, made myself recall the days my closet was lined and organized in color codes of Red, Blue. Yellow, Green and black and white. And How I had five different Starter jackets I would wear depending on which part of the city I was going too. Though I was merely a buster truly. I did learn how to blend in with the different fractions of the gangs. Bloods, Crips,Pirus, Shorty Folks, Hoover Folks and Black Gangster Disciplines. And I was in fact what they would label a Transformer. And could have been killed for it. If I had ever gotten caught. But since I was white privileged I lived just on edge of where inner-urban suburbia. Therefore I did not have many risks of exposure to get caught. After a drive-by killed two cousins from the same family. Around about 1998 time frame. The Gangs slowly started ending the war with others. Though for your part of the country I believe it was MS13 and the Latin Kings that brought an end to Blood and Crip wars.  So I in fact love had been a Transformer. Now if you start having powers too like some of the others in my lot claim too. Might actually start buying all this constant chatter of the Dark Awaking is about to come. 

On side note prior to my deletion, you made it seem you still wanted to write. On RP status only. Which I am ready for that now. And there were no real feelings involved. Yet I still see no effort from you to make that occur. Which only makes me doubt your claims that there was no love. Since then I realized I truly never got over my bloody ex who called me a sociopath and ran. That perhaps was why I always felt the need to fill that void. Due to the way she feels about myself. I seem to feel about her. No less my life shall go on ether way. And if none of us lot on this side claims the Throne, Then Kain's side would be next in line. Perhaps you could rise to be the Queen of the Damned since there was no official divorce decree. Though still being newborn abandoned how you have not managed to devour your entire friend's list. Is but a mystery love. 

Do take care of yourself. 

Asmodues Ozzy Castellano. 


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