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June 18th, 2021

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Gender: Male
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Age: 29
Country: United States

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November 16, 2020


11/21/2020 06:03 PM 


(Greetings and welcome, To those who are just browsing through!? Or who add. I welcome everyone and hope to interact with each
and every one of you soon. My messages are always open for OOC chats, plotting a storyline or role-play. This page does have mature
content for dark & trigger themes, brief language violence, horror and brief gore.  Please don't message me if you're just looking for
smut or any kinky or fluffy stuff. It will be deleted

 Verses write

Dark Knight Trilogy (anywhere from Batman Begins -Dark Knight Rises) 
 Arkham-verse  Arkham Asylum (anywhere from Arkham Knight) 
 Batman Forever & Batman and Robin 

Crossovers are more welcome along with other OCs #Comics Rpers are welcome, along with Bat-family RPers 

About my character is on my profile page. I'm #OpenRP friendly please feel free to send starters, or if you prefer plotting
feel free to message we will work something out .

1, I have zero tolerate for any type of bullying. You will be reported and blocked 

2. If you can't role-play or just wants to call it quits for any reason!? Please message me along if you have problem
with me or my character message me and we will work it out. Just don't ghost me out and block me for no reason 

3. No real life drama I will quick blocked fast


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