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December 4th, 2020

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November 18, 2020


11/20/2020 07:20 PM 

Been spending most my life living in Jessica's Paradise
Category: Real Life
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Now it was finally out all those rumours had been true. And Nate did in fact have a vagina. He finally knew the true house he belonged in. The one were vaginas got treated the best. And there was never any of that confusing who was who or what was what. The stories may still have tragic endings. But at least here they always had honest beginnings. And Vagina's together as one. Is truly a wonderful place to be.

Why so many felt the need to hide behind lies in this day and age. Truly made no sense. Since Nate had more than one bloodline of Indigenous people within him. He often always felt his Gender was the one below. 

A modern English term that an Indigenous person might identify as that comes from the traditional knowledge of Indigenous peoples in Canada/Turtle Island/North America. It can mean a person who walks between genders; one who carries the gifts of both males and females, or one who is gender unique (not specific to any gender) and/or as a way to identify as 2STLGBQ+. When Europeans arrived in North America, they introduced homophobia and transphobia to many Indigenous nations and dishonoured the idea of what it means to be Two-Spirit. Today, many Indigenous Peoples are reclaiming the ancient understanding that there are more than two genders.

That was how Nate felt he was at least when it came to being online. Though he had not had a penis in over twelve years. He still dresses as cisc white male would have. And he was sure for him. He would never truly be able to enjoy all sensations he could. If he had been born with it. But he will never forget how good it felt that first night he reached down and rubbed his slit. Feeling his micro penis and balls no longer being there. He had truly felt like he had become who he was meant to be. And for the first time knew even though he did not turn out a top. Like all the damn twinks on this site want so badly.  He could still always load up a strap on if need be. He still not had sex with a man or woman since his change. Who whoever decided to out him. As if they assumed it would cause him some type of shame. Cleary had no idea he really never cared. Who knew he just did not like the fact one based love off what was between one's legs. For that lust that decides that not Love.

The fact was he typically fallen in love more Lesibens at this point than even he could count. He did wish though him Jess, Court, Heidi and Tabitha could all five-way talk on the phone sometime. Since Jess sounded just like Heidi and Tabby sounded just like Court. It had always fascinated him when he first heard them one night when they called him after catching him being DA Felix. He thought maybe that had been what drawn him to DA Coop so much, to begin with. Thank the Gods for those damn blacklist the charmed verse use to post. Otherwise, he may have never meet any of the DA's or TOBA's. 
He just wishes Ros was still around. Though he had missed Drunkie. He clearly has completely lost at this point. But he stills sees all her Chirs and Tonkin accounts out there. Hopes she knows he still loves her. And just thinks maybe what happened to his formal friend is now happening to him. He just is able to handle crazy better. Or maybe Demons and Angels are real. At this point, he just thinks it's all in his head. And he just needs redemption so he can stop hitting the bottle. Using the fact he can not complete his twelve steps cause Tina and Kim refuse to allow him too. 

But what can Two-Spirit do but just keep on bouncing around acting like a clown until one those damn girls finally give in and say something to him. Which it maybe he truly does not know. Maybe whoever outed him was on to something. And Beth can deal with the fact he's master with dildos and Slit kisses. And for once realize having a c*ck and balls. Is not really what love is all about. Though he thought maybe when his story came to an end. It might be with Mel or Rosa. Or ever the f*** that girl was that gave him that quick hit and quit it. 

It Jack's old friend Shannon had one thing right about Nate. He loves rejection more than acceptance. Cause he likes that challenge in fighting for a girl. Though in his hearts of hearts. He really just hopes he can find Shirley again. She can just admit to him who she is. So they can finally play their own version of Ares and QP. 

Nate never held grudges. But he was just loyal. Perhaps to level that it became a default. The truth was in his mind. He always Seen Ares as Ares QP as Xena and himself as Gabreille. With out all the subtext but just simple sisterhood. Just like he missed all his other chick flicks that were in the friendzone he had missed her friendship too. But just felt Ares would just never understand it. 
And perhaps see it as a betrayal. Even though its been six years since the last time Ares and Nate spoke. His loyalty never waivers. But when it came to Tabby cat. He sure did not mind that dream she might finally not hang up when he called her. 

Now he's here and was eager and ready to get into some Hogwarts Hufflepuff again. and just finally forget about all the crap that made him go insane in the first place. But can't promise Sainty will happen overnight. But at least here I am able to take baby steps lovers of mine. Am truly not a manwhore causes it not about smut. But I love a lot you ungrateful twats out there. That is all I am saying. 


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