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POD Melanie Turner

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November 23rd, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 40
Country: United States

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April 27, 2019


11/20/2020 06:08 PM 

Oh brother none misunderstand me more than you
Category: Stories
Current mood:  triumphant

Just like you, I refuse to be the one to make the first move. And its simply because now I have no idea what you will think. And I rather not have to explain it. Perhaps now I am at the place now. You had been then right from the start. But its not just about you forgiving me. But facing those you created after me. I know as I was made from this place. That I am to blame for the scars that made you. Cause at the time you felt as though. Love was wielded as a weapon to simply manipulate you. I know that was what forever changed you. Thinking it had all just been some game to rid myself of one. That I just simply seen in the way in a global domination game. 

Ask yourself, Brother, if things had not between us as they were and had not ever occurred. Where would we both be now? Perhaps Desur's more than this. But it would at least still be all of us together as we once were. Just under new names and houses. I could never admit openly that it was never just more than a one sided feeling. Due to I do not want you to confuse her actions with my own. And I still think you had been married all along.

But I know if you can think back. You will truly know when it was her and when it was me. The simple place to look is the place you were before this quake came to claim and shaken all you knew. Back to a time remembering Sunday played on your page. And your father reminded you what it felt like to be young of an age. 

Seek out what that world would be like today. To find the prince you were once. Before this became a game of what you will and will not take from me. It's so simple Brother if you would simply just allow yourself to once again see. You have the power to make it be. As though we never crossed those blurry lines and it was like it was before we had. And neither of us would still be lost in this sad tug of war. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. That is all I can say due to that is all that is left to be said.     



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