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December 3rd, 2020

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January 18, 2020


11/20/2020 02:49 PM 

Bloody Hell here we go again
Category: Stories
Current mood:  drunk

For starters love perhaps if I had a better Mother and a Father who stayed active. I just might feel up to the entire parenthood thing. Perhaps a day will come I do accept all you lot. But I do not see it being anytime soon. But do lead with caution princess. Often those who seek our cursed Throne. End up on it all alone. Or having to take places where its grand power is never seen or known. Trust me I realize it's not worth the cost. For its simply a Pyrrhic victory at best. And just due to the fact a brother has his sister ousted. Does not change the fact she still is much older and powerful than yourself.  So unless you and your new-found friends wish to stand as one against her. I say just let her be lost in titles the way Ethen is for they hold no true power to them. Not if those around you do not respect the name of the one wearing it. Otherwise love, you are simply seen as a usurper nothing more nor less. 

And from what I am hearing some new risen Warlock has come now. And seems to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So why not let yourself follow in his steps. For our house is divided enough. It would be simply a bloody waste to poke at it any more with a spiteful knife. Instead, Princess go and find yourself a husband and become his wife. For that is what will be the key to your true happiness getting to be the parent you wished your mother and I had been. I am sorry that Am not able at this time to be a father to you. But it never means I lack love for you. Nor that I wish you a life full of curses. It just means I am not the right one to be around as a dad. At least not now, for tomorrow I just simply still see myself still lost in sorrow. 

Sharon if for some strange act of fate that is you. Perhaps what was said does hold some truth to it. Though how whoever wrote It knew it. I do not know. I can not deny it since the day you left. And seemed as each week passed you were less and less around. I did find myself feeling a little empty inside. Yet at the same time the way I have ruined both my brothers' lives. To the point, ether can live here any longer. Does haunt me often leaving me wishing to make amends to both. That ether will not allow me a chance to do so. If you have still loved me all these years. Like these people who are you or act as you and I do. Then do please reach out to myself love. otherwise, I will think this is nothing more than some sick cruel joke. And I can't wait to find out which bloody bloke it is. So I can teach them I am the wrong one to cross. 


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