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11/20/2020 12:36 PM 

The Demon And the Boy (By: Slightly Murderous)

Please note, that I, Mazikeen's writer, have given Payne complete consent to post this in his blog. I wrote it, but it is our story.--the writer behind Slightly Murderous.
life's new meaning
"Boy, get up."

The young man looked around confused as his eyes settled on the figure of Mazikeen. Why she was in his chambers he didn't know, but it wasn't usually a good sign when she was. Yet, as crimson orbs landed upon her, she wasn't dressed as she normally was. She was in strange attire that had her figure fully covered. She looked of those Earthbound ladies. On her wrist was a leather-bound bracelet and her face, normally scarred and misshapen, was hidden. If the Boy was suspicious, he didn't show it. Just stood up slowly. Maze held out a small parcel. "Put those on. Come. We're going somewhere. Up." She reiterated, her impatience showing. This was an adventure that she had spent weeks planning. Telling Lucifer that she wanted to go topside without him for once. "I'll bring the boy. He should see Earth at least once," she had informed the Lord of Hell. "As you told me once upon a time. He'll act as my guard."

He'd been dropped into her care, so to speak, made to train from the time he could walk. And he was fierce; her perfect student. His rage and confusion at his circumstances came out as he fought. He had yet to lose a fight and she had no illusions that someday, he would even beat her. Mazikeen was the most feared fighter; skilled with a blade and known for her wrath. Her skills at torture were known even in the Silver City. Angels were a challenge to fight, but she enjoyed the fight. Allowing the Boy to dress privately, she waited outside his chamber doors, toying with her blades. They were always on her person somewhere easily grabbed. When he emerged, she took note of how tall he'd grown; he was a few inches taller than herself now. He was going to have women falling all over him someday; permitting he could learn how to speak and not aim to kill everyone in sight.

They walked in silence towards the gates. Maze gave a loud and sharp whistle and the guards opened them for the pair, letting them out. Beside her, the Boy remained. His hands folded behind himself as he looked over to her in askance. Drawing out a coin, she motioned to him, bringing her arm around him firmly. "Hold on." She uttered to him in Lilim. She knew he understood it; along with Enochian, and a few other tongues that were going to the wayside. Today would be English; one of the Earth languages. Grasping the coin in her hand, she felt it burn in her grasp. "London," she spoke clearly and within a moment, they were gone from Hell and standing on the cobblestoned streets of London, England.

"Welcome to Earth," she spoke to him, watching as he looked around awestruck; namely at the sky, which in Hell was never this blue or clear. He was clearly awestruck by it. Maze had to remind herself to be patient. They had all the time they wanted; they did not need to rush back. There were so many wonders to show him. There was something in him that spoke to Mazikeen's heart. He wasn't meant to spend his life in Hell. Maze felt this exposure could be the beginning of something. Something good for him. He had potential. And if his own parents didn't want him, why shouldn't he carve out his own path? Perhaps it was the knowledge that she would never live a life here on Earth that inspired her to want to help him. Maybe it was...could she daresay that he inspired a softness in her? The idea was laughable and she dismissed it, instead leading him down the street to one of her favorite shops. "This is a confectioner's shop," she explained to him. "They have sweets."

Given their usual diet back in Hell, this was something exciting. Maze had a purse full of coins and she led him in with her. The overwhelming smell of delicious treats made Maze's mouth water and she had a sneaking suspicion the same was happening for the nameless boy beside her. "Can I help ye?" the shopkeeper spoke, eyeing her.
"Yes, sir," she tamed her voice to be kind, not full of venom. "A bag of peppermint sticks, a bag of vanilla sticks, a tarte of strawberries...oh, and you have Murakkaba!" She dearly loved the taste of the Middle Eastern delight. It was simple enough; fried dough that was dipped in butter and honey. The last time she had come up with Lucifer, she had eaten it to the point of nausea, but it was delicious. She took two crowns out, noticing the glimmer in the shopkeep's eyes. "Would m'lord like anything else?" she asked her companion, who shook his head as he looked around.
"Aye, we do, Mistress," he remarked, moving to fetch all of what she asked for, and once acquired, she brought him to a table outside, nudging the tarte toward him. Raising her own treat up, she motioned to her mouth. "Eat." She smiled as he took a bite, the look on his face one of awe and bliss. Their diets in Hell were far more...meaty. Sweets did not exist there and it was pleasant for the demoness to watch him take his first bite. One bite led to two and then a third...and the fourth bite had him polish it off entirely. Maze laughed amused. Clearly, he was loving this. His hands reached out for more, but she shook her head. "Slowly. Let it settle. Else you'll get sick."

Leading him around the city, letting him take it all in, Maze was content to enjoy it all. She motioned to the ship in the Thames, the Golden Hinde, which Francis Drake had sailed to the Americas and back. The Boy looked at it in wonder and awe. "That is a ship," she explained. "It sails on the water and brings you anywhere you want to go." It was an interesting thing to be teaching him these sorts of things, instead of how to maim and kill. It was a nice change. Leading him down the streets again, they walked in silence, gasping as a group of the Queen's guards came riding down the narrow street. Maze went to pull him out of the way, but he fell hard against the uneven cobblestones; hard enough that she cringed as well.

The Boy's face was twisted up in anger and he was clearly sore. She was proud of him, that he had not reacted as she thought he might. Instead, Mazikeen took hold of his hand, helping him up and lead him to a grassy knoll near the Thames. "Look at me," she spoke gently, taking her handkerchief and pressing it to his knee before it stained his trousers. "Look at my mouth," she told the Boy. "This is called Pain. When something hurts you? It's Pain. Put your lips like so." Maze hated as he shuddered at her touch, but kept it gentle, assuring him that she was not going to hurt him. "Puh-ain."
"Say it together."
"Puh-ain. Pain." He spoke softly, touching his knee. "Pain."
"Well done, lad," Maze smiled, tousling his hair in a kind manner, the way she'd seen a mother do so to her son as they had meandered the city together. She didn't want to call him 'boy' whilst they were here. They were not here to fight or find anyone to torture. They were simply here for a change of pace. Granted, she was not all that fond of being topside; hating the looks she garnered for the hue of her flesh, but mostly everyone was cheerful today, given that Francis Drake's tales were filling the newspapers and ears of those who would listen to the stories of his adventures and his success. It was a joyful day in the city and people were too distracted to be unkind mainly.

"Do you know why I brought you here?" she asked, looking over at him. She wasn't surprised as he shook his head 'no' and she handed him a peppermint stick to suck on as they spoke. "I brought you here so you can see how people communicate. That they speak. They don't just fight. That not everyone is bad." The words fell from her lips and even she was shocked, but the demon continued. "I thought it'd be good for you to see people speak, so that way you can learn to do so. I know you don't get many opportunities back Home, but every now and then, I'll bring you up so you can practice more. Your tongue and your words can be just as much a weapon as any blade can be."

She was surprised when he touched her arm, motioning to her. Tilting her head at first, then understanding he was asking her to tell him how to say her name. It brought her back to when Lucifer had taught her how to position her mouth when speaking new words. Ironic that she would be the one to teach his son, using the same methods. Taking his hands, she rested them on her cheeks, near her mouth, letting him feel how it felt to form words. Pointing to herself, she spoke slowly and clearly in small syllables. "Maah. Zee. Keen."
"Maah. Zeh. Kween."
"Maah. Zeh. Keen." He sounded out, letting it rest for a moment before his eyes lit up. "Maah-zeee-keen." The demon grinned and nodded, clapping her hands. "That's my name." He was clearly pleased with himself then, taking hold of her hand and leading her through the city again, pointing at things and having her teach him how to say them. He was not stupid, as some mumbled, he was simply a child who was in need of care and teaching. By the time it was time to return home, he could manage a few small sentences. "I like London," he told her as they walked through the gates again.
"As do I."
"We...go back?"
"We can go back. I don't know when," Maze replied, leading him up to his chambers. "But I will try to make it soon. Tomorrow, we're back to training," she finished, leaning in his doorframe. Despite that disappointing tidbit, he was still walking with a bounce in his step.

"More words?" he asked quietly, those crimson eyes of his meeting her own near black ones. It was their little secret, it seemed, and he understood that he couldn't tell that he was learning. Weapons need not speak, though if either of his parents expected him to take up their throne, their son would need to be able to speak. The demoness would simply have to figure it out. It was that simple. Nodding her head and pushing her hair back out of her face, Maze agreed and handed him the bags of candy. Let him enjoy them. 
"Maah-zee-keen. Thank you."

She had not expected that. No one ever thanked her for anything. There was something strange about this young man; that one visit topside had awoken something in him, Maze could feel it. And that she would do her best to kindle that flame of desire. If it was his dream to live free of Hell--she would see it done.


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