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War Zone

War Zone
1x1 with Delightful Dia;  Features:  Fierce Heart and Rembrandt.
He was still standing there in the middle of all the blood and gore just in utter shock.   Dia was there somewhere saying something about trying to stop Klaus.   He couldn’t really register anything what was said in any sort of definite fashion.   Leaving behind the bloody and broken bodies of the hybrids brought a snarl to his lips.   Klaus had done this.  Klaus had killed them all.  Klaus hadn’t stopped with just the 12 that were his pack.  They were his family.   He learned from the wolves in the Smoky Mountains that a pack was your family.   Just when he’d started to feel that this might actually be a thing for him, Klaus took it all away.

Tyler felt his eyes go golden and his fangs start to elongate.   Klaus was the cause of all this.  Klaus turned HIM into his first successful hybrid and then took these 12 putting them under his direct supervision.  Tyler was the last hybrid turned by Klaus.   And now his own mother was gone.   Klaus had taken everything from him.  Caroline was still proclaiming her love for him, but Tyler knew that her heart wasn’t his.    He turned to Dia with his jaw clenched and his own face in a monstrous form.  “You get out of here.  Be safe.   Klaus has to pay.  I’m the only one who can make him do it.”  Tyler wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  He had to go see his mother.  Klaus had to be the one that killed his mother.  Tyler had to see this for him.


In the town square, the Christmas decorations were all scattered and disarray.   Tyler saw the corner’s wagon and the body on a gurney covered with a zipped up bag.   By the time he’d arrived, Tyler’s monstrous features turned to that of a little boy who had lost the last person in the world who would ever love him.   Liz Forbes had caught up to Tyler trying to keep him back from his mother.  “Please Tyler.  Don’t.  You don’t need to see her like this.   Tyler, sweetheart…”   Caroline’s mother was gentle and speaking to her daughter’s boyfriend with a caring heart.  “It was just a terrible accident.”

Tears raced down the face of the young male.  Tyler was a lost child.  His dad was gone.  His Uncle Mason was gone.  His mother was now gone.   He just shook his head repeating over and over again.  “No.. no…no…”    Being a hybrid, he felt emotions far more intense than he’d ever felt before even before he knew that werewolves and vampires were real.   He felt himself collapse to the ground on his knees.   He was just a lost little boy.   Caroline’s mother just let him cry as he needed to cry.  Her mother’s heart was breaking for him.

Tyler watched as they loaded his mother into the corner’s wagon taking her to the hospital for the official autopsy.   He knew what they’d find.  It was going to be something completely explainable by human science without any hint of the supernatural.  His mother had been the latest in the list of victims of the one and only Klaus Mikaelson.   Proof wasn’t going to be able to be found within the depth of the law.   This was something that he was going to have to take care of all on his own.   Klaus wasn’t going to stop until he took everything from him.    

Tyler soon found his way back up to a standing position.  By this time, Caroline had joined him at the town square.  She immediately ran into his arms wrapping her arms around him.  Her own tears were burning paths down her beautiful face.  Caroline’s heart was breaking because she loved Tyler.  She was a smart girl.  She knew that Tyler would let this fuel his anger against Klaus Mikaelson.   Liz left her daughter with Tyler to take care of Tyler.

He clung to Caroline tightly.   He whispered in her ear.  His voice was torn with anger, hatred and complete emptiness.  He felt like he had nothing left to lose.  “He did this.  He killed her.  I know he did.  He killed them all.”

Caroline’s tear stained voice pled desperately with him.  “Tyler, don’t say that.  You don’t know if he did or not.  Please.  Don’t go face him.  He’s so powerful.  Tyler, PLEASE.”   Her love for him made her cling more tightly to the body of the young hybrid imploring him not to go.

He was going to say something when he heard his cellphone ring again.  Tyler stopped to look at it still clinging onto Caroline.  His eyes flashed gold again.  The Caller ID said it was Klaus.   “I..can’t believe this..!”   He clicked the phone.

“Tyler?  That’s a good lad.  You’ve seen what happens when you betray me.  It’s a good thing that Hayley told me all about your big plans to take MY hybrids from me.  OH by the way… how’s your mum?”  The wickedly gleeful voice of the Original Hybrid made Tyler’s anger rage violently.

He took the cellphone and threw it down on the ground shattering the device into about six different pieces.  “Tell your boyfriend that I’m coming for him Caroline!  I’m going to kill him and take everything he holds dear!”   He pushed away from Caroline and disappeared into the night.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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