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bi weekly task November 1st - 7th

November 7th, 2004

“You are going to be the death of me,” Chantelle Garcia murmured as she began to pick up Tatiana’s toys. Her husband, Tatiana’s father, was always telling Chantelle to leave their daughter’s mess for her to clean up, but she never listened. She was a pushover and Tatiana could do almost anything when her father wasn’t around and not get in trouble. She knew to be on her best behavior when he was, though as each day passed, his presence seemed to be less and less. Shaking her head as she reached for a telescope that lay in the middle of the floor, she tossed it into Chantelle’s toybox and slowly got to her feet. “Right, let’s-” She stopped when she realized that the brunette child had not moved from her seat. She was still glued to the television watching a telenovela; something her grandmother had gotten her into. “Tatiana Gloriana Rae Garcia, why have you not moved?!” Chantelle’s tone was harsh and Tatiana knew her mother meant business. 

Placing the remote down on the arm of the chair, the brunette slowly slid from the sofa and ran towards the stairs, running up them two at a time. “You have two minutes!” She bellowed. “I can’t get ready in two minutes,” Tatiana whined, and although her mother never disciplined her, that didn’t mean she didn’t threaten to get her father involved. “Don’t make me get your Papi,” she shouted up the stairs and she could tell by the silence that suddenly filled the house that Tatiana thought better than to make any more smart remarks. She knew that if her father got involved, she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week! After throwing on some clothes and grabbing her shoe, slipping it onto her foot, she slowly limped out of her bedroom and made her way down the stairs. “Mom! I have a missing shoe,” she stated, gesturing down to her feet. “I can’t go anywhere until I find my other shoe.” Chantelle rolled her eyes, though she didn’t say a word. Marching into the living room, she returned a few seconds later and threw a pair of shoes down at Tatiana’s feet. “Put them on and let’s go!” They weren’t the shoes that she wanted, but she had at least a dozen pairs, so without another word, she sat down and reluctantly slipped her feet inside of them. 

The walk to her grandmother’s home was short. She lived in the Bronx too, only five minutes away from Tatiana’s house, but she hated going there. She had cats, far too many for one person and she would tell Tatiana stories of them, ones that the brunette had heard a hundred times before and ones that she really didn’t want to have to hear again, but she had no choice. She was going to her grandmother’s regardless. Knock. Knock. Knock. The third time was a charm as the door was pulled open. “Come to Abuelo!” the older woman beamed, pulling the ten-year old into the apartment. “I promise that you’ll get her back in one piece,” she grinned, placing a sloppy kiss on the brunette’s cheek. Yuck. She hated it when her grandmother did that. “I promise to be back for you in a couple of days. I love you, Miha.” Tatiana didn’t look back, she didn’t acknowledge her mother and walked into the living room, rolling her eyes when she saw a candle lit by a photo of Tatiana’s grandfather. Nothing had changed, though she guessed things rarely ever did. She had no idea her world was about to change forever and that it was the last time she would see her mother alive.


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