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10/30/2020 06:28 PM 

Halloween Bucket List

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1) Watch a bunch of Halloween movies. 
2) Get a tonne of cute Halloween outfits for Sofia. 
3) Finish decorating the house because yikes. It's almost Halloween and I'm not nearly done. 
4) Carve some pumpkins because I'm obsessed with that. 
5) Go and have a look at some of the Halloween decorations around New York. 
6) Get candy for the trick or treaters because at the moment I have none :|
7) Go to the cemetery to visit my mother. I do that every single year on my birthday
8) Put together my Christmas playlist. As soon as it hits 12.01 am on November 1st, it's time to get ready for Christmas!
9) Take a billion photos of Sofia's first Halloween
10) Go and visit my sister because I miss her. 


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