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POD Phyllis

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November 23rd, 2020

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October 07, 2019


10/28/2020 03:16 PM 

Sister Devil Wives Reunited
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  confused

Phyliss had not seen Sharon in over a decade. It truly had been so long. She really had no idea what to do anymore. She realized perhaps now was just the time. To look in unexpected places for the answers she was seeking. She really been out of the loop since POD Noah had left. And she just truly felt so clueless and lost. But she did know at least why Asmodues would not have anything to do with any of them. Now maybe he once greatest foe. Could now be the one and only friend she had left. 


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POD Phyllis


 Sharon wait? What? I have no idea what that means. Please come back Sharon!!! 

Damn it. I knew even trying to talk to her would be a waste of time.  It was it me? Or she even more hateful than I remember? How did I use to be so jealous of her? No idea. 

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 4:52 AM

KoK Sharon Mata


"For starters, Kain lived to cause you POD's chaos. And secondly, if he chose to come back. It likely would be to help Nate. And not some delusional ex Devils who refuses to move on. But I am sure he knows what is going on. If ever decides to return then we shall ever be more blessed than on that day. We probably make it a Kingdom Holiday. But I tell you to what Phyllis for old times sakes. I will lead you to others. Who might be stupid enough to take pity on you? And may all that is unholy aid them if they do so. Seek the one who says I am not a princess who needs saving but a Queen who protects her king. And maybe you might find yourself a new ally. And now my old rival. I must bid you farewell. Places to be things to do. Oh and good luck cause trust me stinkers you will need it. " She then blinks out. As she is waving bye bye. 

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 4:45 AM

POD Phyllis


Sharon? Really come on. I did want to make peace with you. But okay maybe I did do something. Something really bad, but with good intentions. And things just spun out of control okay. But you are right. I guess I should just take my chances. Right? I mean if he planning to come for us any way. Then its evitable. I should just go to him. And see why he wants me dead. 

No No that is terriable idea. 

Sharon can you least go and get Kain? Please that is Nates father. Can you get him to come back? 

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 4:35 AM

KoK Sharon Mata


    She just shakes her head at her. As she looks at her like shes half retarded in the Shortbus line. Not being sure which way to go. " How the fuck am I supposed to know? He won't accept anyone. And we never knew the other. So I did not even bother trying to add him. What's the matter, Phyllis? Usually, you are go getter? What is stopping you from just trying to reach out to him? What did you do now Phyllis?" She asked knowing now this was clearly not about a reconciliation between the two. But instead, she ASSuMEd Sharon knew something she didn't. " Besides even if I happened to know how to stop one of our own. If I ever shared that Intel with a Devil it would be treason. " She then said just so Phyllis knew even if she had fucks to give. She would not be able to give them. 

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 4:24 AM

POD Phyllis


 She almost wanted to just start crying. It felt like Sharon was taking enjoyment in the very thought of it. 

Do you really hate me that much? You wish to see me drained to death? 
I know we use to compete for Asmodeus love and affection. But really Sharon? 

She  just did not know what else to say. She really just wanted to throw her drink in her face and leave. But she realized too maybe Sharon did have point. 

So how can we stop this Nate guy? I mean what does he want? 

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 4:14 AM

KoK Sharon Mata


  "Awe bless your heart, I guess you just read what he said? And paid no attention to all his twat monster whore of mother said. Gah, I never could stand her. Even when I could understand what the fuck she was saying. Not having to deal with her is just another kickback from leaving that family.

It seems Kain's firstborn son is back. And he is dripping with sin. So much power fueled by vengeance. I so hate to be the one who shifted into him all those months. Though from what I've been hearing the shapeshifter made quite a few enemies along the way. So maybe you will luck out. And they will think it's all just a sham and some of them might help you.  But if not Phyllis." She then looks her in the eyes. And then speaks in over toned voice. " He will devour you. And likely outflow all that power Asmodeus's spell furrowed from Dra that runs through your veins. " She then slaps her hands together right in front of her face. As she starts to laugh manically at her. 

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 4:02 AM

POD Phyllis


Phyliss really still felt confused. She knew if there was just some way she could reach out to him. She might be able help him over come this bitter resentment he now seems to hold against any one. 

I guess it was good thing. I had not been around that day. It just sounds like bunch of chaotic drama.  So do you think I am crazy for still loving him? Still thinking deep down he still loves  me too? 

And what do you mean greater problems? 

She always wanted to be a POD no matter what. It was a part of who she was. Nothing and no one could ever take that away from her. 

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 3:49 AM

KoK Sharon Mata


  " Maybe it is all my fault. I just knew if I had to deal with that loudmouth brother of his. Thinking I was someone I wasn't. I was literally about to lose it. Though as always nothing goes as I planned it too. It still just proved a point. The entire reunion should just have been avoided. And even if its the Amsodues we once knew. He's clearly has changed and just moved on. And though this may not be what you want to hear. Maybe its time you do too. I mean clearly has no interest in hearing you out. Find someone new and just forget about him. I know since I have my life has been so much less stressful.  One side of the PODs the King is control freak the other its just complete chaos with no one in charge. So it's a lose lose no matter which side you end up on. And after all, I just read between them. It seems you also will have bigger problems to deal with. If you choose not to leave that group. "

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 3:41 AM

POD Phyllis


A part of Phyllis wanted to beilive what Sharon said. But she knew in her hearts of hearts it was still him. He was just trying to be a show off. And try to come off more prim and proper. 

Sharon I know its still him. I just do not understand why he wants nothing to do with us. I never done anything to him. And at one time we both had loved eachother more than anything on this earth. And now he acts like I just some stranger trying to squeeze my way in. 

What made him so cold and bitter? What made him just want to shut everyone out?  At one time you were his favorite? Had there ever been a time you realized he would turn out like this? 

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 3:32 AM

KoK Sharon Mata


Sharon really had not even thought about those fucktard PODs in years. To her, it was just constant battle between to bitter exes who both just throw away others like they are trash when they no longer serve them a purpose. In their neverending battle of this is mine, not yours.  She really had no idea what to tell Phyllis. 

" Hun we have not spoken in a long time. And why the hell are you even still a POD, to begin with? The Asmodeus we knew and love has been gone for a very long time. This one seems like a British prick at least to me." 

She really thought Phyllis must truly be at rock bottom to even want to have a discussion with her about all this. 

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 3:28 AM


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