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10/27/2020 01:55 PM 

Those Other Devils
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Asmodeus had not seen his mother since he had just been a wee one. And last he checked she never really been much of a mother at all. But after seeing she viewed him. He decided to find out why she chose to do so and let him know. She had been out there watching. He typically was not fond of watchers. They always turned out to be Jayda seeking his half-sibling who hides like a p**sy in heat does from a Tom. Dreading to feel those teeth sink into the back of his neck. As a littler is created. " Bloody out with it mother what do you want?" He responded in a vindictive manner. Already thinking she was up to no good. " You lot have all been nothing but a disappointment." He then crossed his arms and gazed at her. The look of discontent was truly worth more than any further insult he could hurl at her. No less she had no gotten his attention. Though once all things had been said and done. She may have regretted doing so. 


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Duchess Of Devils Candice


She loved how elegant his place was. She at least knew somehow he had gotten her style sense. She then reaches out taking a glass of the blood. As she lets her lips run over the rim of the glass to try and taste it. " Hmm mmm It is quite delicious." It had been quite some time since she drank blood. But still, remember the high it would give her when she did. And she so needed a good head change right now. 

Posted on Oct 28th 2020 - 8:59 AM

Prince Of Devils Asmodeus


He realizes then and there his mother was clearly in desperate need for a girlfriend. The simple fact she just rambled all this clearly proved her dysfunctional level and views of motherhood clearly had been nowhere near the norm standards. He now felt extremely uncomfortable. " Sounds.." He then just takes another shot. No longer even knowing what to say or how to respond to all that. " Are you hungry? I have just got a shipment of rare AB and it tastes amazing. Shall I call us some? He asked then just doing so. As his maids came bring them booth glass to savour. " Just wait to you taste this blood mother. It's amazing." 

Posted on Oct 27th 2020 - 4:34 AM

Duchess Of Devils Candice


" I dunno just random smuts for the most part. One even tricked me giving me with this sob story about a home invasion. Then tells me he had to do his own twelve year old daugther at gun point. I had literally barfed over it. I felt so tricked. I mean there are some truly disturbed sickos out there now. Its no wonder no newbies stick around. I mean could you so like imagine being new here. Then having some werido like that add you and tell you a story that seems legit but its total prevert on the other end. It why sometimes I wish they just made an adult site so all those people would just go away. But I have met an interesting Cobblepot person. And some one through him that sorta reminds me of your dad a little. But I learned after Kenneth to always avoid those types.  So what are we drinking? " She said not really having clue she been totally spilling all her tea with him like this. 

Posted on Oct 27th 2020 - 4:26 AM

Prince Of Devils Asmodeus


" Bloody hell mother now you tell me you are a Devilations thumper? I always heard Kain and Dad both wrote this one night when they were drunk at a tattoo shop seeing who could get the best tats. Had no idea you have had this bloody book all this time. Listen one can find any day of any year and say this day is the end. And yet time and time again they are wrong. I do not think those exact dates are predictable. And do not put so much of your fate into this book mother. It is written by who knows who else dad allowed input on it. Besides, how do you even know how gobsmacked ether four them are with the other? Only those mates know what was in their hearts. Not I nor you do mother. Now please stop all these waterworks and dramatic cliff hangers at least for now. There is only so much I can take in at a time." He then pours them both a drink. " Now tell me how has life treated otherwise?" 

Posted on Oct 27th 2020 - 4:11 AM

Duchess Of Devils Candice


She now was so overwhelmed with grateful content she turned around still in tears. " Thank you Asmo, By the Gods thank you." She then tried to stop herself from being so emotional. Because she had not told him everything yet. " Asmo ... Wait there is more. At least from what I been feeling. Theres a reason Nate is so powerful." She then throws down the book Devilations. It was always rumored to only be a myth to most. But it holds the details to what would finally be the final nail in the coffin for the devils. " Just turn to page 56 " she says as she flipped the pages. Then runs her fingers around the verses. 

"As it was the day brethen rose against brethen for the crown. 
And the love they once felt was then over come with hate. 
Though they were but deceived. As the shout the false names of those 
they assumed to be behind the coo. It was but one who maddess
was to blame. That of the one and only Kain. 
Though fate made it so only Kate loved both brothers the same.
For the rest it was always Kain to blame. But so if a day cometh
that a seed of Kain shall rise as prince and with his princess
their love be as that of the love of Joanna and Ethen. 
once felt prior to the cosmo inference in that love.
Than that shall be the seed to ran through the devils
as a weed does a garden untended. And no matter 
what they do or they call upon. None shall answer.
For even they will know to do so. It but to only invite
death itself." 

What if this verse is coming true. What if Nate and his new wife. Love the other the way Ethen and Joanna had once loved the other. And now we all doomed no matter what we do. She was so shaken by this she just shut the book and clung to him. Fearing this prophets words were now coming true. 

Posted on Oct 27th 2020 - 4:00 AM

Prince Of Devils Asmodeus


He was not sure what exactly she had said that caused the flashback. But he suddenly had one. He was just wee one. And his father was reading Edgar Allen Poe to him. Due to he had asked him prior to what his favourite book had been. And one night after hearing the Raven. He asked do you think mum will ever come back. He told him to not count on it. And not count on any devil women. And if he was smart he finds a nice mortal woman to marry one day. He then thought of what she said earlier. Then turned and walked over standing next to her. " Mother I always asked myself if maybe the reason. You never came back. Was due to the fact it was me. Perhaps that causes me to have a chip on my shoulder to the other mates. But I grew out of that long ago. However, This wish you have for us to just assemble like we are the avengers is likely never to come true. With that being said I suggest you seek out every ally you have. If you truly feel you are in danger. I shall grant you access to my humble abode as long as you wish. But do not be a bloody bludger do make your self useful. I shall protect you from any seed of Kain that dares enter here." He then turned and started to walk back inside. Though his pride and egotistical nature would not allow him to say it. He did hope she was being honest with him for once. And he did always love her too. Though it would take her proving her words are more than just words. Before he would ever say it to her. 

Posted on Oct 27th 2020 - 3:40 AM

Duchess Of Devils Candice


She now realized how it could come off that way. " Asmo please know I did not come to merely manipulate you. And fucks sake I was never the mainpulative one it has  always been that asshole. Nate is getting more powerful with each day that passes. Making a joke out all my past mistakes like hes getting off on it. I think in some ways its help me realize how stupid I was in my youth. While in other ways its left me feeling so betrayed. I don't get why he chose now to do this. I totally would have gotten it back then. But why now? I knew it  might be a waste of time. To even try and warn you. But I have already lost Astaroth and did not want to loose you too. Asmo you are all I have left in this world. I know that I was never there for you as a mother should have been. And I know I never once reached out to you. When you and Ethen butted heads of who had rights to be King and who did not. And you do not know how many times I wished I had. But you just seemed so content in being hard headed prick. I wish there was other way I could tell you how much I regret never being there for you. All I can say is I am sorry. I don't care what you choose to do. I just wanted you know what was coming. And to just be ready for it. Nothing more and nothing less. Just please never forget that I love you. No matter if its returned or not. And I will always be here for you." She then turned back out just looking at the blood red moon. Feeling it was just another omen great magiks was being casted some where. As tears of heartache and regret now run down her flustered cheeks. 

Posted on Oct 27th 2020 - 3:21 AM

Prince Of Devils Asmodeus


He laughs for almost five minutes straight. Then slams his cup down. " You bloody women." Then shakes his head taking another pouring himself another shot. " Okay, mother Tell me why I should be shaking in my boots over this bastard seed of Kain? And It seems only natural for the poor mate to be upset. If another is walking around in his skin. After all, mother was it not all of us of devils that trapped the old soul of one in a doppelganger once? As nothing more than a cruel joke to torment my brother? Then the bloody idiot falls for Caleb at the same time she's married to my other brother? I learned then mother. No matter what one bloke does to try and alter the natural course. Does it not always seem nature intervenes? And I should have known you merely only desire to wield me as a weapon. Some war you only daydream about. Cause it seems now Nate is this years protagonist. But please mother goes on. I love to know what even made you come to the conclusion he wishes all of us ill will? And we now should search the gallows and dig up those who I have staked to sleep for good reason. "

Posted on Oct 27th 2020 - 3:05 AM

Duchess Of Devils Candice


She turns walking out to the balcony looking down at the ruins from the last time the entire family had gathered. How she wished there been something she could have done to just stop that  entire day from occuring. But the fact was there was nothing she or any other Devil could have done." I guess you have not noticed Nate is back." And according to what is being said. Another had taken his identity for years. And I almost wonder if perhaps that had something to do with what happened with your father. She then turns now feeling tears come. She had not been able to hold it back any longer. She had now truly been over came with greif from the shear confusion of it all. " Asmo the very last time your father and I spoke. He told me, That he said for years that Kain had not been him. And now everyone will finally know. " She really had no idea what to think. But ever since that day. She felt betrayed she felt Kain had taken a chance away from her. To finally maybe for once just get her life together. " Asmo we have to stop Nate, If he is anything like his father was. He likely will now try to take out what few of us remain. And we can not be divided now as we all. Please tell me you realize and understand what threat he is." She said her eyes now flushed slight red hue. As tears still run down her cheeks. As she truly feared what ever plan Nate was plotting against them. 

Posted on Oct 27th 2020 - 2:48 AM

Prince Of Devils Asmodeus


His ears seem immune to sweet lingering words and phrases. Instead he fears there will be some but to surely come soon enough. And she was simply trying to manipulate him. As she had so many others over the years. No matter how pretty her words might come off to the average bloke. To him, it would only be something she could earn in time. He then finds himself looking down at his drink. Then reaching down to take a long shot. Feeling no matter if she was presenting him with the truth or a lie. She certainly knew how to make it interesting. " What is it with you bloody women in this family? He asked already knowing his answer. " You think cause there was no fairy tale at the end of the book. That it lets you off the hook of being a decent mother? " He knew they were far from mortals and that inner core of ethics that most of them tend to be born with. But he also knew that he knew the love and disappointment he felt towards the lot. Meant surely some part of her must have felt the same thing. Was she truly a cold-natured beast incapable of loving any but herself. 

"Bloody Ripper mother, what are you talking about this one and that one against the other? Last I checked the entire lot of us all went our own ways years ago." 

Posted on Oct 27th 2020 - 2:31 AM


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