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November 24th, 2020

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July 05, 2020


10/26/2020 10:32 PM 

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Raven had lived in a metaphoric horror film since the moment she
was born. Odds had consistently been stacked against and when she
finally believed that she was going to be adopted into a loving home,
she found herself locked in a cage and tested on like a lab rat for
over ten years. Despite the sh*t-show that had been her life, Rae 
made it a point to live freely. She was done being shackled for other
people's gain or amusement and so from the moment she escaped the 
testing facility at the age of 16, she did just that. She lived.

It was another typical night in, a bottle of whiskey settled between
her thighs as she mindlessly watched the pictures of the television
flash before her eyes.  It had been a long week filled with the typical
chaos that Valkery was known for, causing her to fall in and out of sleep
until all at once, she felt the heavy seduction of her subconscious take
hold and pull her under.

Her eyes fluttered awake slowly, irritated at a sharp prick at the crook
of her right arm. A soft groan in protest slipped past her lips as her head
rolled to the side, curious to the sensation. Her visage was blury at first,
bringing her to blink several times naturally before she could take in
what she was looking at. There were muffled sounds about the room followed by
a melodic beep that occured every few seconds. There was a figure, blurry still
until she blinked a few times and noticed a familiar white coat. The gray-
haired man's face came to view and all at once, she felt the color drain
from her features. This wasn't just any old man... this was The Doctor, the
very one that had led the inhumane tests on her for well over a decade.

Fear gurgled up to the back of her throat as she naturally began to writhe
within her restraints, ignoring the bite of cold metal against her wrists and
ankles each time that she tried to fight against them. A soft gravelly chuckle
escaped The Doctor as he pulled the needle away from her arm, his onyx optics
fixing within her wide, emerald oceans. "Try all you want, but all you are
doing is harming yourself"
 He chimed, his voice annoyingly cheerful. "I told
you, did I not? There was no way you were going to get away from me. I have
only just begun."
 The man completed.

Rae snarled, eyes narrowing in on the man. "LET ME OUT!" She bellowed, still
attempting to free herself from the restraints to no avail. The Doctor turned
away from her, the sound of items clinking against one another ringing within
her ears before he turned back to her, a scalpel in hand. Her eyes snapped down
to the sharp knife that glinted under the luminescent lamp overhead. "Don't you
come near me!" Raven screamed, her body still thrashing against the table until
she felt an odd warming sensation wash over her. 'The injection. He injected me 
with some sort of sedative
', she thought just as her vision began to blur. The 
old man laughed under his breath once more, lowering the knife down to her chest
after he pulled down the thin white sheet that covered her bare body.

"There's no use in fighting it. You're mine." And with that, he lowered the tip
of the scalpel down to the center of her chest and pressed down, the sharp pain
causing her to scream internally as dark crimson blood beaded from the puncture
spot. Rae wanted to scream, to foolishly cry out for help but before she could,
she felt the heaviness of sleep take over her and all at once... she slipped away.


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