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10/26/2020 09:28 PM 

AC - 11/1

It was no surprise to anyone that Halloween was Eden's favorite holiday. In fact, she tyically has her
home completely decorated for Halloween every year the moment the third week of September rolls
around. Her family never understood her fascination. Bible thumpers like her step-mother and father
thought that there was something psychologically wrong with the petite female but in the end, there
wasn't really anything that needed to be done. Instead of favoring Christmas, she liked Halloween.
There was no need to cure that.

Eden was in the midst of watching some of her favorite horror flicks, this time around she had zoned
in on The Exorcism of Emily Rose. To watch the movie correctly, the brunette made sure to turn off
all of the lights in her home, only leaving a few orange and purple string lights as 'mood lighting" as
well as a lit candle here and there. She had watched this movie several times before and despite being
a seasoned horror queen, she could never fully get over the  way the demonic scene got to her. She
knew it was coming. Her mocha hues fixed on the screen as she watched the priest and others hurry
off to the bar where they watched a possessed Emily Rose rush into. Eden was sitting cross-legged,
naturally leaning forward as she felt herself get sucked into the scene as they found Emily who then 
moved in unnatural ways, her foreign tongue rambling off of every demon that possessed her as her
wild, dilated pupils bore heavily into the viewer.

A strange, icy chill washed over Eden's body as she watched this scene, the very scene she must have 
watched at least fifty times before this. Emily opened her mouth and out poured the most unnatural
demonic scream; before it was over, a large decorative picture that was hanging on the left side of the
television fell off the wall, the glass shattering instantaneously as it crashed to the floor. Eden jumped,
her heart feeling as if it were about to tear through its bone cage as she lept up from the couch and stared
at the broken glass. Pale fingers fumbled for the remote to pause the flick, realizing how scared she was
by how long it took to pause the movie due to her clumsy, trembling fingers.  Once the movie was paused,
she found herself lost within the eerie silence of her home.

Eden typically enjoyed the adrenaline rush that scary movies gave her and, typically she prided herself
in being unable to find a movie that truly scared her... but now, she was scared. How did the picture frame
fall off the wall? And why did it have to fall at that part of the movie? Her heart still felt as if it were going
to beat out of her chest as she hurried away from the broken picture to turn on every damn light in her house.
Even though, Eden couldn't bring her heart to calm long enough to deal with the picture. She turned off the 
movie and found the cutest show she could find filled with baby animals in hopes of helping her forget the
strange coincidence that will soon spring forth a good week's worth of nightmares.


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