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A hunters timeout
Category: Stories

A hunters timeout

No one can look away anymore. The warmth faded away, replaced by coldness. Not stinging and icy just yet. But not pleasant either anymore. Summer said goodbye, while autumn sent out its lovely colorful greeting. The trees began to shake off their red, orange and yellow coat, collected to their roots and all around, wherever the fresh wind carried each leaf. Bright and long days pushed into the background, gave the lead to a gloomy atmosphere.  But it was a wonderful season. Warmer clothes came along with a warm feeling within the heart. And least this is how Noah saw this time of the year. It was stunning, beautiful.

The sound of relaxed and soft steps, created by warm black boots, underlined the peaceful atmosphere of the evening. The sun disappeared on the horizon, gave room for the full moon high up on the darkening sky. It was the perfect time to get a few drinks, enjoy some music, and, if it happened by chance, have a good conversation and company. Pale hands lifted, slender fingers brushed through blonde-pink dyed hair to fix the wavy strands in a lose tie, a moment before the desired place came into sigh. "There it is." the honey sweet tone of Noahs voice swung through the air around him like a soft melody, joy visible through the tender glance within his onyx orbs. 

A couple of steps later, behind the door that had blocked the scene from the world outside, Noah already mingled under the people within the club he had entered. First a drink at the bar. That's  how he started nights like these. Slow. Lifting his slender figure elegantly onto one of the stools, a sign to the busy bartender was enough to draw attention. By now he was a regular here, and so no words were needed, a glass with his favorite amber liquid got placed infront of him. Lifting it to his lips, sipping a small amount, his onyx hues closed, he savored the flavour, pushed out a satisfied sigh and let go of the remaining tension he had carried around. Now all he see as a positive addition to this perfect moment was company.

((If anyone wants to use this as a starter for a roleplay with me, please reply in messages.))


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