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10/25/2020 10:28 PM 

Graveyard Reunion. {October Drabble #25}

“Do I even want to ask why you came home as the sun came up, covered in dirt and what I hope is spray paint?” Della poured an extra-large cup of coffee and tuned around to look at Nick, she wanted to say something smart, but her head was pounding, and she felt like she was run over by a truck. “I’m not sure I want to know how drinks with your cousin ended up an all-nighter but since I’ve gotten a million text from Oz today and it’s not hardly daylight, I’m asking.”

Della sipped her coffee and she hoped the Advil she popped on her way to the kitchen kicked in pretty damn soon, she could hold her liquor and she didn’t often wake up with a hangover but after last night, she was betting she was going to have one.  She carried her cup over, and she sat down in one on the kitchen chairs, her body was going to hate her, she needed to go to bed, sleep it off.

“Della, you look like hell, and I’m not even kidding you look like the walking dead.” Della might have rolled her eyes, but she couldn’t, “I know its not my place but what happened last night?”

It was a fair question, only she didn’t really remember, she had gone over to Knockin’ Boots to have a couple drinks with Logan for his birthday and the rest was a bit of a blur. She rubbed her her temples. “I remember I called Oz to drive me home, that reminds me my car is parked at the bar, can you go get it?”

“Oz dropped it off while you were upstairs tossing your cookies.” Della just looked at him, she really didn’t want to tell him what else she remembered about the night before. “He didn’t even tell me where he picked you a Logan up from last night.”

Della doubted it, Oz would have told him because by now Poppy knew, Libby would know after that and she would be pissed. And not for the over drinking but for what her and Logan did, without her. “We got drunk and went to visit our aunt.” Nick blinked; he was a the quite type but Della knew he was just waiting. “I don’t even know which one of us had the idea, it was probably me but we were talking about how sh*tty it was that she even had a headstone, Axel paid for it but he wasted money on her again, she never gave a sh*t about anyone but herself. I really hope she is burning in hell, that twisted bitch. If there is an afterlife I hope everyone knows how much of a cun-“ Della stopped and took a sip of her coffee.

“Please tell me the cops aren’t going to show up here again and drag your ass back to the station.”

“They cleared Logan; they still think I killed her. That’s never going to change.” She couldn’t really give him a no answer to that, although she wished she could. But she wasn’t about to rat out who they both knew had done Evelyn in. That she would take to her grave, she would keep it longer if she had too.

“You didn’t do it; you know that I know that they would to but if you keep…”

“We just kinda jumped a fence and decorated her headstone…. With red paint, the worst we could get it for is destruction of property. But what is Axel gonna do press charges, anyone could have done it. We didn’t break the thing, although, we thought about it, be glad Libby wasn’t with me.”

“Be glad? Della you are thirty-four not some teenager, they have cameras.”

“That’s why I called Oz, he used to be a cop, he knows how to fix things.”

“Geez, Della I feel so much better.”

“So things went a tad to far, I know that, but the world still thinks she is my mother, if I get busted maybe I can claim it was part of the grieving process, the healing process.” She sipped her coffee and set the cup down, “I do feel a little better.”

Nick rolled his eyes to the ceiling, she hid a smile and waited for him to say something else, “Go to bed, I’ll keep the kids down here as long as I can I left Gatorade by the bed.” He walked over and took the coffee off the table, “No more coffee, you are gonna hate yourself if that comes back up.” She sighed and got up for the chair, she was almost to the door when he added, “And Della? Try not to get arrested before the twins turn one, I refuse to have that party without you.”

Della turned around, “You’d bail me out.” She was half kidding but also, she hoped so because he liked her a bit, even if she kept making him an accessory to things.

“Only because Vivian would make me.” Della rolled her eyes, “She for some reason loves you. For the life of me I can’t tell why.”

“I’m fun, I keep life interesting, I keep your life interesting.”

“I didn’t have to worry about you getting arrested in Nashville.”

“Awe you worry about me? That’s almost the nicest thing you’ve said to me.”

“Go to bed you are still drunk, sleep it off.” He walked over to her turned her around and walked her out of the kitchen, “You’ll forget we even had this conversation.” He pointed her toward the stairs, “Bed.”

Della didn’t argue, even though she really wanted to, it was her nature to say something sarcastic and tell him, he couldn’t boss her around but she was far to out of it to care that he was bossing her around. She just hoped she remembered later that he had cared enough to leave her a bottle of Advil and Gatorade by the bed for her, he may be a pain in her ass but she was really lucky, no matter what he said, he might keep her around. She fell into bed, thinking she should thank him, and she would if her hangover didn’t kill her. F***, she hoped not she didn’t want to see Evelyn ever again but if she did, she didn’t want to see her this soon after writing all kinds of sh*t on her headstone, and she still was thinking taking a sledgehammer to it would be fun, she was a little twisted.


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