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November 30th, 2020

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September 13, 2020


10/25/2020 06:54 PM 



Fun! The others in the group definitely make me feel like I want to get involved and makes me feel like I’m part of it. Which coming from someone who avoids RPGs is saying a lot.  I’m normally a observer when it comes to places like this. But you guys pull people in and keep them involved.


James Barnes / Winter Soldier. (Marvel)

I was a member back in..too long ago haha. But this group was very much a home. I made so many friends and interacted with so many characters I otherwise wouldn't? Even as the group died off it continued to be the one I always remember the fondest and told people about.The one that "worked" and the one that really made me feel valued as a writer. No one was ever ignored and everyone was always welcomed home in true Hogwarts fashion.

I nearly cried seeing it was back and am still so excited to be here. Its just as it was and theres so much hope for storylines to begin to deliciously boil just as they had years ago. This group is one that always had my heart,it's a very special place.
Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones)
My audition was approved a week ago, however I was unable able to join Discord due to some rl issues. Meanwhile, I did not get any pressure from the owners, even at the SLIGHTEST degree. They were always understanding and been extremely patient with me -- one trait that every RPG member would ask from an owner.

And right now, I am standing here on my first day – feeling as if I’m a member of this group for years already! All writers I met are friendly ooc and did not make me feel like a stranger even for a minute. If you are looking for an RPG that is like home… Hogwarts United is the right place!
Aragorn (Lord of The Rings)
I never join rpg's anymore. I had a bad experience in the past with one. I auditioned to Hogwarts United, literally cringing as I hit send on the messages, thinking, "What am I doing? I'll either not be accepted in, or not be accepted once I get there. My little OC is not good enough to run with the rest."

I have never been happier to be proven so wrong!

In fact, one of the very first things said to me in chat when I first entered was along the lines of: "I like this one. We must protect her!" and "Amanda? .....we are going to adopt you. Hogwarts is a home after all. You'll have family here." That is all my little OC (who is an Irish orphan half-blood for this verse) could have ever wanted. The rest is just icing on the cake.

HU is a melting pot of characters, and every single one I've met has been amazing! I knew a few already but the moment I entered, I was treated like part of the family- a weird combination yet totally awesome fandom-mishmash family. I love that it's diverse! There's characters from Marvel, Sherlock, The 100, LOTR, GoT, Doctor Who and so much more, but the way they write and the way it feels in here, it's like they were all ever only Hogwarts students. They are all helpful with this newbie just starting out in HPverse, and tolerant of my million questions. I look forward to every reply, reading everything written and hate missing things. My only complaint is that we're in such different time zones that it makes it hard for me to chat with all my new friends!
AJ McLain (Marvel - OC)
One word: Home. This is what Hogwarts United is. Regardless of the original character of your verse, your character is a Hogwarts student and that surprisingly helps you to discover your character from a different aspect which eventually leads you to write him/her much better than before. It feels like you have your own DeLorean, you go back and forth in time and what is sweeter: You don't travel alone! You are family with sincere, kind, fun and creative writers and it certainly feels like you've found your distant cousins after years! Easy to adapt, no participation or high activity demand from the Owners - just grab a cup of tea and enjoy your character's journey in a world where you never imagined him to be. 

No need to hesitate anymore for HU is not your typical RPG but .... IT'S HOME!
Bellamy Blake (The 100)
Hogwarts United, (founded in 2010)  even though had been away from for years, always held a very dear place in all members' hearts. It was a home and will be home as long as the writers (whom I call a family now) are around. From owners to every member, everyone is very friendly so you feel like you’ve been a part of this RPG for years by the end of your very first day in the group. Amazing writers, extremely fun banter and all in Hogwarts environment. What else do you ask for? Stop whatever you are doing right now and join Hogwarts United right away.
Oliver Stone (Westworld - OC)

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Hermione M&L&P Lord Harry Potter


I think this group is going to be a very good success to all who join it. 

Posted on Nov 20th 2020 - 2:11 AM

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