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November 24th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 114
Country: Belarus

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March 06, 2018


10/23/2020 07:08 PM 

Rp and me.

Rp and me.
(The things I get made to feel bad about in rp.)

Sorry, I’m a lousy writer.

Sorry, I write too well.
Sorry if you think I’m an idiot.
Sorry if I daunt you.
Sorry if I feel lost trying to figure this all out!
Sorry if I’m the wrong sex.
Sorry, I am straight.
Sorry if I don’t sugar-coat.
Sorry, I’m honest.
Sorry I won’t lie.
Sorry if I act too nice.
Sorry, you think I’m a pushover.
Sorry, I’m not a pushover.
Sorry, I respect you.
Sorry, I’m not worth your respect.
Sorry if I don’t do drama.
Sorry I won’t play your games.
Sorry, I’m so easy to blame.
Sorry I won’t JUST partner you.
Sorry, I only partner with chemistry.
Sorry, I am not elite enough.
Sorry I am friendly.
Sorry I work too much.
Sorry I get tired.
Sorry, I seem too confident.
Sorry, I doubt myself.
Sorry, I go quiet.
Sorry, I’m not good enough for you.
Sorry, I should be a better man.
Sorry, I’m not an ass.
Sorry, I am an ass.
Sorry, sometimes I struggle.
Sorry, I forgot. I don’t count.
Sorry THEY are always more important.
Sorry, YOU are always more important.
Sorry, I forget all these things I do wrong.
Sorry I need to man the f*** up and deal with it! - Right?

Sorry I don’t know what the f*** I’m doing because of it all, or where and if I even fit in!
I feel like I’m drowning.



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