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Diamond Dame

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November 25th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 23
Country: United States

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October 01, 2020


10/23/2020 05:16 PM 

Reine Blanche

✦"I'm diamond... ✦I'm by definition ✦my own best friend."

 Code-name: White Queen

 Name: Emma Grace Frost

 Position: Former White Queen of the Hellfire Club, CEO of Frost International, Teacher at X-Mansion, Former Licensed Sex Therapist 

Gender: Female 

 Age: 29

Appearance: buxom, posh, and scantily clad; rarely ever seen not dressed in all white. 

Hair: dyed ashe blonde 

 Eyes: ice blue

 Skin: golden beach tan

 Weight: 144lb.

 Height: 5'10"

 Other: Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation

 Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts 

Mother: Hazel Frost 

 Father: Winston Frost

 Other Family: siblings Cordelia, Adrienne, and Christian Frost; clone-daughters 'The Stepford Cuckoos' : Esme (deceased), Mindee, Phoebe, Celeste, and Sophie(deceased) 

 Powers: Telepathy, psionic shielding, telepathic mind-cloaking, telepathic illusion, telepathic camouflage, absorbing information, astral projection, preventing use of abilities thru psychic inhibitors, mind-link, pain induction, trauma healing, mind control, mind swap, memory erase, mind alteration, mental sedation, mental paralysis, amnesia, psionic lightning, psionic blasts; secondary mutation that morphs natural physiology into a pure, organic diamond, virtually immune to all forms of physical and emotional duress. While in the form, Emma does not fatigue; weight is increased to 441 lbs, but agility, reflexes, and speed are increased by manifold. Power 

Limitations: While Emma trains her body and mind constantly to maintain herself in peak physical condition, she has no physical enhancements in speed, strength, or stamina in her original form. This can become problematic with a mentally resistant opponent for her to rely too much on her telepathy. In diamond form, Emma loses all access to her psychic powers, only having her diamond-shaped strength which is designed more for defense than offense. Every diamond has its flaws, and Emma's is located in the nose region. It is a shatter-point in an otherwise unbreakable chassis. 

 Personality: icy, aloof, cunning. Cares more for others more than she lets on. 

Hobbies/Interests: Fighting, manipulation, shopping. 

❖ Sources: Marvel Comics, Comicvine, Fandomwiki 

 ✦ Art: Jeff Dekal


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