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November 25th, 2020

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September 16, 2020


10/23/2020 05:06 PM 

OT 121

1.) What is one thing you hope not to hear go bump in the night?

2.) Favorite scary movie?
Any Freddy Krueger Movie
3.) One thing you hope you see on Halloween night?
no fires
4.) One thing that a witch might carry?
5.) One thing you wear on Halloween?
6.) Something you give to trick or treaters?
7.) What costume are you wearing this year?
I really haven't decided yet
8.) Favorite Halloween candy?
candy corn
9.) Possible tricks you can hand out?
I'm more for passing out candy to trick or treaters
10.) What do you not want to see in a haunted house?
11.) What two things kill a vampire?
garlic and the sun
12.) What is the name of the motel in the movie Psycho? 
Norman Bates
13.) Who played Edward Scissorhands?
Johnny Depp
14.) What movie does the line "I see dead people" come from?
the sixth sense
15.) If you were trapped in a scary movie which one would you want to be in?
16.) If you had to fight Mike, Jason, or Freddy which one would you pick?
17.) If you were being chased by a scary-looking doll what would you do?
18.) Would you be friends with Pennywise in order to save your life?
of course
19.) On Halloween, Charlie Brown helps Linus wait for what character to appear?
the great pumpkin
20.) If Zach came trick or treating at your door what would you give him?


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