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Tony Nese

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November 15th, 2020

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Gender: Male
Status: Married
Age: 35
Country: United States

Signup Date:
September 23, 2013


10/23/2020 03:02 PM 

Torch Time!

"Well hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Tony Nese and i am the challenger for the X Division championship."
says in a confident way as he smirked.

"I been over hyped about the match, excited and well you know the rest i can't wait for No Mercy and challenge Little Mister Frenzy.... whoever it is your name will be forgotten when you loose... Cause i plan on going in and becoming the next X Division champion... and guess what nobody or nothing is going to stop me from becoming the next X division champ so how do you like that Frenzy boy. Yeah and well your brothers won't be at ringside when i lay the smackdown on you.!"
flexed as he looks both ways and then chuckled 

"Like someone said want some come get some! But in this case it's gonna be diffrent it's going to be in the ring my friend... My friend more like my opponent.."

"But back to business you got something i want and that's that X division title i want that title. It's time that this Torch got hismelf a title. Though i have a beautiful valet by my side... You know what they said behind every great man stands a great woman and i do have one on my side for Sunday PPV. Things are looking so good for me. Yes they are i got the girl all i need is that X division championship and the whole package is complete."

Nods his head focused, determined look in his eyes as he then steps back.

"Kinda thinking about it i wish the match was now me and you for that X Division championship.. But i am a patient man i will wait for the match it's not that long next week PPV we will compete for that X division championship.... I am going to do everything in my power to take that title off your hands and hold it up high... Once i am victories and that's going to be unforgetful! You can believe that... What you got Frenzy..."

Chuckled as he then takes a step back and then looks both ways as he then poses and then turned away as he walked away from the scene as he the lights turned off.


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