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Feat: Fallen Ascendant and Bad Company
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guest starring Soft Pedal and Persephone

The crackling sounds of lightning echoed throughout this room of the castle. Two large metal towers stood prominently through the top of the room and above the castle ceiling, if one could call it a ceiling? The raging storm outside the castle walls was growing more furious by the minute. Giant electrodes were attached to the four corners of a table that had someone or something laying on it.

A man wearing a white coat with short hair slicked back and away from his handsome features began to monologue. “For years I have been ridiculed by those who would call themselves my betters. They call me mad. They say I am a menace. They just don’t see. They don’t understand. They will never understand.” A loud knocking sound interrupted the monologue by Doctor Victor Frankenstein. The world was suddenly frozen and unmoving.

Alaric Saltzman didn’t often have time to himself. Halloween was coming, so he thought he’d indulge in a little classic horror movie night in his small apartment he kept in Mystic Falls. His daughters Josie and Lizzie insisted that he take time away on occasion to himself and even start dating. Alaric was a workaholic with his own needs that he put aside because one person or another needed him. How could he rest when his daughters still faced the Merge? He held a remote control in his hand when he stood up from his chair. He grumbled when he made his way to door. He was surprised at who was at his door. “Girls? I thought you were at school?”

Josie mouthed the words I’m sorry as Lizzie barged right in taking control of the situation. “We were. We just wanted to make sure you were really taking the night off, Daddy. You need the rest. What are you now? Fifty? Fifty is ancient for a human anyway.” Lizzie moved through the room inspecting everything.

Josie followed behind her sister stopping to stand beside their father. “Lizzie, he really is resting. Can we please go now?” Josie seemed a bit more than annoyed at her twin. She also seemed tired.

Lizzie heaved a hefty sigh before making it back to where her twin was standing. She’d been looking for any bottles of alcohol. Alaric was starting smell heavily of alcohol recently and that did worry the twins. “Alright. Fine.” She glanced at the frozen screen. “Eww. That looks like it’ll put you right to sleep. What is it?”

He smirked slightly. “Frankenstein. Boris Karloff played the monster. The movie really is not anything like the book.” He added feeling a bit stiff in his bones especially since Lizzie reminded him just how old he was.

“Written by Mary Shelley!” Josie answered. “Another example of women pioneers back during the 19th Century!” Both girls were staunchly feminist thanks to their mom Caroline.

“That’s right Jo.” He smiled. Lizzie was nonplussed by the revelation. Alaric wasn’t as clueless as his daughters thought he was on this particular day. He knew that they were looking for his booze. Good thing he hid it well. He did look tired. Given the situation at the moment, it was actually surprising he was alive.

“Fine. Enjoy your old Boomer movie. See you tomorrow at school Daddy.” Lizzie didn’t try to argue with him further. Both she and Josie kissed their dad on his cheeks like when they were small children. “Good night Daddy.”

“Good night Daddy.” Josie also spoke even though she had not wanted to interrupt their father's night at home. She practically drug her twin out of the room and out of the door.

Alaric shook his head and smiled. He moved back to his chair to return to his movie. He reached down inside his chair to pull out his bottle of bourbon he had hidden there. He started drinking from it again as he restarted the movie.

Just as the lightning was increasing outside Castle Frankenstein, Alaric felt his eyelids grow heavy. It wasn’t long until his head tipped backward and his eyelids grew heavy.


Desperation grabbed hold of his soul. Dr. Victor Frankenstein stood beside the table again looking down at the covered figure that was unmoving. “They all called me crazy Igor. They said it couldn’t be done. I will show them. Ready the machine.”

“Yes Master!” Something seemed odd about the lab assistant he had. He was unusually handsome and had a baseball bat that he left against the walls as he started flipping switches on a panel from one end to another. Maniacal laughter that echoed through the castle.

The mad scientist stepped back as the table raised slowly higher and higher until it was now in the middle of the raging thunderstorm. He stood below watching as various bolts of lightning tore across the sky. In the laboratory below, Igor was continuing to flip switches and laughing madly.

Finally a lightning bolt struck one of the electrodes and then another. There were finally multiple strikes causing the electrodes to glow a brilliant blue that was almost white. “Bring it down Igor! Hurry! Hurry!”. Dr. Frankenstein was rubbing his hands together.

Igor cackled and squealed. “Yesss Master!” The cranking sounds of the table being lowered filled the room as the storm continued to rage on. Dr. Frankenstein moved back because the hair on the back of his neck was standing on end as the table came closer to them on the ground.

“Now my creation! Rise! Rise and meet your creator!” Dr. Frankenstein was throwing his hands upward with repeated excitement at the perspective of seeing his creation alive and moving.

The figure under the white cloth was unmoving. Electric sparkles danced all across the table and illuminated the body underneath the sheet. In quick glimpses one could see the skeleton of the male figure. Extremities began to twitch. A low growl came from the figure of a man as the body began to rise.

The sheet fell off the figure. The man had longish black hair. He wore a white shirt that looked dirty. When his eyes opened they looked as if he’d been a lab experiment for about seventy years.

“He’s ALIVE! HE’S ALIVE!” Both Dr. Frankenstein and Igor were laughing spectacularly.


The sound of the liquor bottle crashing on the floor made Alaric jump out of his jar. Eyes suddenly thrust open upon his abrupt wakening. On the television screen was the ending credits from the old movie he was watching. He rubbed his forehead. Dreaming he was Dr. Frankenstein, Kol Mikaelson as Igor and Enzo St. John as the monster was a sure sign that he definitely had a drinking problem. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the ceiling. “Naah….” He told himself with a smirk.

Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me.
credit: james kriet


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