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November 29th, 2020

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July 08, 2020


10/23/2020 11:03 PM 


I’ve dreamt about it so many times…

I’m no longer in California, no. The sandy beaches and cerulean waves bring on a trauma I’d like to forget. I’m sitting in front of a fireplace, and next to me is my husband, Moon. We’re happy. We’re so happy it almost hurts. This is what we’ve always wanted, no doubt. To be free, and safe and start our own life together. To run away. I’ve always wanted to see the snow too. It’s been years since I’ve seen the fluttery softness of white flutter down and stick to the ground. Here in Colorado, where I now live with Moon, it engulfs the mountains we can see in the canvas of our window.

He paints the mountains almost every day. In bright colors or dim. Black and white. Whatever he’s feeling that day, he puts it on a canvas for the world to see, and it inspires me. This is our life, this is everything we’ve wanted. He holds my hand, and we sit cozily next to one another, admiring our brand new life. His hand moves down and caresses the bump in my stomach. Seven months along, soon to be a parent. In my previous life, I never would have wanted to bring a child into this madness… but this is different. We are safe now. We can have everything we want.


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