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10/17/2020 05:57 PM 


“You go in, get you out, toss the little sh*t in the back and we get paid. It’s easy.”

Sang’s head rested against the glass of the van window, eyes focused on the darkened house he was sitting across from. Beside him, a man with curly brown hair, a big nose and dark eyes sat next to him, drinking from a flask, reeking of booze. His name was Colt, and somehow Sang got stuck with him on these business trips. The man was in his late 30’s and screamed scumbag. Not the typical type of person he’d be caught dead with. The Korean man narrowed his eyes at the other, expression unmoving, before looking back to the house.

Just in time.

As the door on the side of the house opened up, a child no older than 13 walked out with a bag of trash. That was the child he was coming to get, the one that the facility had been observing for a long time. The reason? The child had never had any health complications and was perfect for their studies. He was so used to just picking them up off the streets, or going to take transfers from the orphanage to the asylum… but on the rare occasion, there was a child who had a family. A child who would go missing. A child who would never see their family again.

“Are you gonna go or wait for him to go back inside and f*** this all up for us?” Colt’s voice brought him back down, Sang blinking, and staring at the man. He let out a sigh, reaching over to grab the sedative from the glove box and get out of the car. One day, he thought, one day he’d be able to burn this place to the ground. One day he’d be able to free all of the children he’d taken. For now, however, he had to live with his. He had to live with being a monster.


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