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10/17/2020 02:31 PM 

News - October 17th, 2020
Category: Blogging

Today I'm officially done with design work as far as the profile goes. I now have 3 colors (templates) that will rotate on page load and they are: Blue, Red and Black. From there, the main image at the top right of the page will rotate on page load as does the quote and image on the lower-left of the page. Everything else is static information but still governed by the templates loaded be they blue, red or black. I do plan to add more to the page as time goes on but for now those ideas will remain so. I'm really pleased with the soundtrack and somehow I've managed to still not get sick of it LOL. That can be a drag to creating websites and the like; getting sick of the embeded video or song but so far, this one still rocks in all the right places hahaha.

Moving on... Since I'm now done with the page I can start to put more time toward my respnoses and the like. I do have a couple of open ended roleplays that are ongoing and I'm looking at sending out 3 maybe 4 starters soon. I say soon because I'd rather say today, however, soon implies real life might get involved and well... when that happens you kinda need to give it the attention it requires. So for those of you currently engaged with me or seriously considering it, real life interjects quite a bit and if you can roll with that then coolio and thanks!

Okay, this is already a longer update that I had anticipated so I'll go ahead and say thank you and till next time!


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