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10/16/2020 03:59 PM 

Bumps in the night (teaser, drabble)

Happy Samhein from SOS
Torili Mikaelson owner/founder of Sea of Sin RPG /SeaofSinRPG
H ave you ever wondered what happens when you're asleep? When the lights go out, and there's seemingly no sounds what so ever to be heard? Ever stay awake just to see if you can catch something.... Other worldly? I was just a kid when I first decided to stay up past my bedtime. My parents were sitting in the living room, watching tv, and the clock on the VCR told them it was past my bedtime. So, mom stood from the couch and ushered me up to my room.

I brushed my teeth, went into my room, where I changed into my pjs. My favorite pair, they are so cool, and comfortable, then I climbed under my covers. Just about then, both my parents came into the room. Mom kissed my forehead, and told me she loved me, before she tucked my blankets up more under my chin, and then dad patted my hand, and the two left. The light beside my bed was turned off, and the door to my room was open just a crack. I could see the hall light, shining some in my room, and downstairs, I could hear my parents talking, though they were quite muffled.

I rolled onto my side, I was going to go to sleep, honest I was. My eyes closed, and I had started to drift off to sleep, and then I heard this slight shuffling in my room. My eyes opened, and I looked around. Moving only my eyes as the rest of me kept very, very still, as to not risk being seen, or heard from whoever.... Or whatever was in my bedroom. After a few moments, the sounds stopped, and my nerves began to settle once again. Once more, my eyes closed, and then I heard the ringing of the front door bell.

Instantly I shot up into a sitting position, now who in the world, could that be? I thought. Why would they be here this late at night. So I slid from my covers, as I heard more muffled sounds. Shushing from my mom. 'You'll wake the little one.' I could hear her say, and then I heard the front door close, and silence. Pure, and utter silence. I stayed by my bedroom door, just in case, but nothing. Where was mom, were was dad? Where did they go, why were they quiet?

Naturally, like all young kids, my mind wandered to all of the possibilities. The person who rang the doorbell, were my parents spies? Were they kidnapped? Were they tied and gagged downstairs? Was I going to be next? Fearful of my own thoughts I made my way quickly back onto my bed. Maybe if I was asleep, they wouldn't hurt me. My eyes closed tightly, and I snuggled under my covers, listening. Nothing happened however, nothing at all. While I just laid there, anticipating what was coming next.

Opening my eyes, I saw that it was an hour later, and now, I had to pee. I slid from my bed, and I made my way from my room, towards the bathroom. Passing my parents room on the way, so I figured I would just take a peek. Sure they were in there, so nothing to worry about, and yet, when I opened the door, I found their bed, still made. Seeing it from the street light that was outside their window. Now more nervous than ever, I rushed to the bathroom to take care of business.

After washing my hands, I made my way towards the railing of the stairs. "Mom.... Dad?" I questioned in a softer, more scared tone. Not sure just what I was going to find. As I got to the base of the stairs however, there was nothing to be seen. No parents, no, mystery visitor late at night, nobody. What was going on? They couldn't have just disappeared, could they? My gaze then shifted to the door, and I drew in a deep breath. Their car, I had to see if their car was here, but to do that... I had to go into the garage, late at night.... By myself?"

Created by Patriot


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