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May 11th, 2021

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 115
Country: United States

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October 08, 2019


10/16/2020 01:12 PM 

My World Is In Chaos! (OPEN ROLEPLAY)

When Katherine was forced to take the cure it was the worst thing that could absolutely could happen to her throughout the years Katherine made more enemy's then friend's so when she was a human her life was in grave danger she kept her guard up even more so now that she was able to die easier then when she was not a vampire she knew as a human she would be hunted by all who she had crossed all those years she betrayed as a Vampire. 

One night Katherine after months of living with her guard up Katherine had been invited to a late night Halloween party a little bit hesitant at first but she decided to let her guard down and just get into the fun of the wild party drinking one after the other but Katherine could not hold her liquor down   such a small thing like getting drunk effected her so easily.Katherine didn't realize how drunk she was when she went behind the wheel of her car. Considering she couldn't Vamp speed to places that was a downside of not being a vampire anymore she had to take the human way. Unfortunatly in the Car she Drove off not before she drunkenly texted and took a selfie of herself looking like a hot drunken mess and press sent not knowing who she sent it to because she was so drunk.

Katherine didn't even remember falling asleep at the wheel it was more of like she had blacked out However once she came to it was utter chaos there was glass everywhere her car had flipped over there was a strong scent of gasoline her head was bloody because of it had smashed against the windshield. She managed to wiggle herself out of the car though it hurt like hell she escaped and just in time too because once she got out and gotten a safe distance her car started to catch on fire in with the gasoline that was pouring out there was a big BOOM! The car exploded Right in front of Katherine it actually knocked her off of her feet yet again letting out a groan hitting the concrete hard she could hear sirens in the distance she spit out some blood she managed to set up a little bit however she collapsed done Katherine was sore all over and had glass on her to she closed her eyes blacking out yet again not knowing who or what grabbed her she was out cold because of her head wound she had a bad concussion... 



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