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March 18th, 2021

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Gender: Female

Age: 36
Country: Turks and Caicos Islands

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January 30, 2020


10/16/2020 04:02 PM 

Ran of my Little Devil Did He?

Now he is nowhere to be seen. Soon things will change the stars speak to me. All those hiding like rabbits from a fox. Will soon pop out their box.  Prancing and dancing about. Now they will finally have no doubt. Being able to mail with the screams of shouts just saying his name. For he was never to blame. 

Oh, how I love when the stars sing to me. Like birds chirping in a tree. Whispering things to come in my hear.

All those little secrets I like to hear. Soon the coven will draw near one by one. 
the Little blonde blue-eyed sacrifice is finally paying its price.

Now its time for the old to rise. And stop hiding in fear. As the time draws near they must be seen. They stop acting As if they do not know how to keep their list clean. 

Yes Yes, he was tasty as a virgin baby he was. Making one's lips tingle and insides all warm. 

Come out where ever you are. Come see that pretty blacklist. You thought was one but was five.
Now they no longer have a comfy beehive. 

Did she love him? Does he love her? If only I could say it was a blur. But stars sing to me. At night like the garden of knowledge. That drives one mad. Tsk Tsk the time is near. Stop hiding in fear in places none can see. Come now let yourself be seen. 

She spins and dances about giggling madly with harmony. Knowing soon what should be known years ago. But was veiled in lies. Soon would come undone. 


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