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10/11/2020 04:37 PM 

do you believe,

Oliver looked around his new home in the Bronx. How he ended up here was something he would find tragic had he ever had something that would differentiate this from the rest of the train wreck that his life had been. There was only one memory from his childhood that involved family that wasn’t a total s h i t show. His time in Texas with his cousin, but in true fashion, that too had been tainted when his Uncle refused to let him ever contact them once he was written off. Oli shook his head to derail that train of thought. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his keys and helmet off the counter and headed for the door.

Life, while not always great, had a way of surprising him. When Oliver pulled up to the clubhouse and cut off his bike, he had no idea what he was about to walk into. Shoving his keys in his pocket and pulling his helmet off as he entered the building, he caught a heated debate between a few of the members. Crossing the room, he set his helmet on the bar, reaching over for an empty glass. He poured himself a few fingers of whiskey before pulling up a stool. “Hey Boss, maybe you can settle this for us.” Taking a quick drink, he leaned against the bar and nodded, “Try me.” The next words actually made him laugh out loud.

“Ghosts, real or not?” When their expectant faces just waited for his laughter to fade he realized that life wasn’t done doling out surprises to him. “Ghosts? Seriously? That’s what five grown men are arguing about?” One of his guys looked a little embarrassed and Oliver realized that his opinion was the only thing to get this topic to change. Taking another drink, he bought himself a little time to gather his thoughts. “I think that I am not naive enough to claim to know anything definitively.” He thought about his cousin, her beliefs and worldview. “But I am also not arrogant or blind enough to say that there is nothing else out there. Call it ghosts, or souls or just life energy burning off, but we aren’t the only things occupying this space.”


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