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09/21/2020 08:49 PM 

That nobody could take your place.

serpent juliet Oh, oh my heart hurts so good I love you, babe, so bad And you need to know You're the only one alright
That nobody could take your place
Betty shifted, taking a deep breath as she moved to sit up a little, suddenly all tiredness erased with the question hanging between them in the air. This was part of her road to recovery, forcing herself out of her level of comfort in the safety he provided her if it meant she was willing to talk about it. Therapy had helped her learn these tools to confront and address the feelings she might otherwise not understand or the lingering dark desires she might feel tempted to give into. Despite the nerves growing in her stomach, it was necessary for them. She leaned into him still, nestling against his side now and allowing him to secure his other arm around her side, though with the material of his t-shirt still firmly in place.

"I'm... okay." It was a cop-out answer, and she knew he was going to call her on it, but it wasn't for the sake of evading the root of the question; it was for her to take a second to better quantify and explain her answer. "Today at lunch with mom, I got the pasta primavera and even the slice of cheesecake for myself." She grinned, proud of herself, and her efforts to rebuild a much healthier relationship with food even as she worked towards gaining her weight back with carb-loading. There were still good days, and bad days, her therapist had warned them both they might come in varying shades and to be patient with not only themselves but each other. Sometimes it really was the little victories, and that was the most they could ask for.

Eyes closed in both defeat and exasperation as a sigh escaped her lips. "Because honestly? You've been the only person willing to put up with me today." She admitted feebly, her head cocking to the side as her blonde ponytail swayed along with the motion, her features contorting to a look of contrition. "I'm tired, and we've been trying to figure out this for hours now without any leads." She tossed the notebook she had in hand down onto the trailer floor. "Not that any of that means you deserve it." she was seated on the floor and turned toward where he was sitting on the edge of the old worn couch. "Forgive me?


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