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Nicoló di Genova

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October 24th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 115
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September 21, 2020


09/21/2020 01:55 PM 

Rules - please read
Category: Guidelines

Most important: is a mature role-play-account (18+) and I expect you to behave like this! No drama, no childish jealousy, no pissing me off cause of some unimportant nonsense. I am a writer for fun and I don't see roleplay as a platform for lonely hearts.

I'm from Germany my mother-tongue is GERMAN, but I love to and feel good enough to write in proper English, even if it may take me longer than using my mother-tongue - so I expect you English-native-speaker to put the same effort into your writing and that you will not annoy me with lousy grammar, orthography or style, neither in German nor in English.

Usually I'm a para-, multi-para- or novella-player, and my general lower limit are two paras/comment, but I'm not strictly against shorter replies; sometimes. It depends on the content of them – but NO one liners, please!

Please, don't send me starters (except we talk about this before): usually they bore me and I seldom answer. Go in medias res! If you want to write with me, tell me. Inspire me, get my interest. Get in touch! Meaning, lets discuss at least the start of our SL and the rougher outlines via messages

As for that: Messages are for messages, private stuff like discussions and the one or the other OT talk… please use comments or the group section for the RP – I will do the same

Sex: I am not here for that. This character is not the type of guy who would open up or even jump into your bed easily, if at all – so, if you want a guy to sleep with, look somewhere else –

You have to excuse, but I will not always be able to answer as fast as I would love to, so please show patience. Even me got a real life to deal with... (and sometimes... there's pretty a lot to deal... sigh.)


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