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09/21/2020 01:37 PM 

Optional Task: Letter to younger self

Dear younger me,


I know this is weird, but let’s not focus on the fact that you are talking to an older version of us, okay? Let’s just focus on the fact that I have years more experience than you do and I can stop us from making some of the biggest mistakes of our life. Mistakes that even now, we haven’t fully gotten over. I know that you’re angry with our grandparents, I know that you hate them and blame them for making Amiee leave, but you need to listen to me. They will send you to Dr. Michael Ryan, but please don’t go. He will charm you and you will think he is helping you, but he isn’t. He will torture you in a way that you never thought was imaginable, but you need to run. You need to get out of town the very moment that our grandparents tell you that they are taking you to him and you need to go and find our sister. Don’t be stupid, don’t be angry with her. Go and find her in New York and ask her for help. You know that she will help us, 

The biggest regret that we have is leaving without Avery. I know that she is just your friend right now, but you will fall head over heels in love with her. She will become your everything, so don’t do what I did and fxck that up. When you leave town, when you run away, don’t leave without saying goodbye. Don’t leave without her, or at least give her the chance to go with you. Don’t shut her out the way that I did. We are stronger with her in our lives and she will be there for you, know that. She loved us and we hurt her, so don’t do what I did, okay? And, if you do break her heart at some point, don’t wait years to try and fix it. Fix it right then and there and don’t let her getaway. She’s the one, she is the love of our life, so do everything that you can to make it work. 

Now, New York. New York is your dream and we will make it there. We will make it to Broadway but you need to do things differently. Don’t be a diva. Our ego has always been our biggest flaw and it will ruin your life. When someone else is the center of attention or has the lead role, please please please be supportive. Don’t be a bitch like I was and don’t throw a tantrum in the middle of the show like I did. You are beautiful and you are talented, but so are other people. Let them shine. I wish I could do things over, but I can’t. You have the chance to not repeat my mistakes though so kick butt and show Hartsville how talented you are, without making yourself unhirable. You're a star, so act like one. Don’t act like a spoiled brat and love yourself without making others feel bad. 

I guess that’s all the advice I have for you for now. 

Love from, 
your older and somewhat wiser self.



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