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August 08, 2019


09/21/2020 12:47 PM 



  1. Length- For roleplay, I will write anything above a paragraph. That means 5+ sentences at least. However if you write me less I will still reply with a paragraph. However no matter what length I write, know that you never need to write the same amount. I am all about quality over quantity.
  2. Activities- With COVID happening, work being crazy and fires in my area, I am a bit slow. I apologize but I will reply to you. However I am wanting to be replying from now on within a week so if after a week I have not sent a starter or reply, feel free to remind me just in case.
  3. Storylines- I am still taking storylines and always will be. I do not have a max amount and will always write with any member in the group regardless of who they are. We can find something to do no matter what. So never worry about asking if I am accepting a storyline.However when you write to me, please don't just say "hey. Have any ideas?". Tell me about your character because chances are I don't know much about them. I also will not generally come up with an idea by myself. I prefer brainstorming where we throw out ideas and come up with it together which is the point of a discussion
  4. Relationships- This is not just for Li type relationships. It is for friendship ones and well basically any kind. I will not have Skylar instantly become friends with someone or decide before we roleplay. It is about chemistry between characters. Skylar is a bitch and doesn't really like most people. She will be a sarcastic, a**holeish, smartass and likely won't like most people. She doesn't trust easily and has no reason to trust strangers to her. When it comes to LIs she will not likely date someone when they first join because again it is about chemistry but also as a writer everytime she ends up with someone they leave so I just have to erase it from my storyline or alter it and man am I tired of it. Will she flirt? Possibly. Will she kiss someone? Maybe but in most cases, no. Will she straight out date you? Hell no. Dating is something that developes over time. It isn't me trying to be bitchy as a writer but I'm not here for a LI and am here for just awesome storylines
  5. Drama- I LOVE in character drama like no other. The more in character drama the better. Yes I love tormenting my character and giving her angsty crap to deal with. I mean how many people literally have killed their character on their "brothers" birthday? (granted not sure that was intentional). However I will not tolerate out of character drama. Being an owner it will be dealt with but in general no one should be causing it in this group and if someone sees OOC drama, fel free to send a screenshot to the MOP.
  6. Banter- I love banter since it helps build relationships between characters and is just fun. If I ever post a status, never hesitate bantering with me on it. I will always respond to you. Plus it is an easy way to earn monthly points.
  7. OOC- While I do talk OOC sometimes, I tend to prefer to be in character aside from when discussing. RL me is fairly shy and social awkward so I find trying to have conversations OOC hard. But if you want to OOC talk on site please use messages. I use comments for mostly IC whether it be banter or roleplay. However if you like I do most my writing now in a forum on this site. It is easier to keep track of points that way for not just me but the people I'm writing with. Plus if you write with me in the forum you don't need to send it in to the MOp for it to be counted. I will happily add it in myself each month. Although in some cases if you're writing with me I will likely add in your points.
  8. Deleting comments- I hate it when comments get deleted after I reply. I know seems kind of silly but I have a reason and I have tried to solve it without saying anything. I have a head injury that causes my memory to basically suck. So I like to go back and look at comments I said when replying to people and if they aren't there I generally won't remember what I had said before and not know what to really say. If you do delete comments be aware that sometimes I may end up repeating something due to not knowing what I said before. It is not intentional.
That is all for now! Thanks and I'm looking forward to writing with you all!

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It's Skylar setting all the fires isn't it? You should stop her from doing it as her master you know. xD Sorry I'm a spaz. I look forward to writing with you at some point. I'm flexible as to what type of writing I do and since I'm assuming you prefer comments just shoot me a message so we can discuss. ♥ 

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Posted on Oct 6th 2020 - 11:53 PM

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