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Manifest Destiny


Manifest Destiny
1x1 with Harbinger of Death
Progenitor /1577606
9 April 1946
The Eagle’s Nest
Bavaria, Germany

They were called the Monuments Men. The men and women associated with this unit were all scholars, museum directors and college professors. Among them was Kenneth J. Saltzman professor of World History from Boston College. Sgt. Saltzman was a part of the detail sent to The Eagle’s Nest to determine what art treasures belonged where and what historical artifacts needed to be returned to what country. He had an ulterior motive for his actions as well, one that was a bit more enigmatic.

“Saltzman!” The world history professor was assigned to this detail because of his intimate knowledge of Teutonic myth. It was known about all the obsession that Hitler had with Nordic races and how the perfect Aryan had to fit a specific mold. The Nationalism and deep roots in Teutonic myth that Hitler felt had become an obsession. That meant here nearly a year after the fall of the regime Professor Saltzman was a valuable asset to the Allies recovery effort. Hearing his name made the professor turn his head. “Come here a sec.”

Saltzman moved toward the other man. He had his hat in his hand allowing his perfectly coiffed dark black hair to be revealed. His blue eyes were the color of the sky overhead. “What do ya got?” He took several casual strides toward the other man. Great curiosity was drawn across his handsome movie star features. There was no telling what treasure the Nazis had tucked away.

It was a narrow rectangular box. Inside was an item that was very old. It looked like a tip of a spear from the days of the Roman Empire. As Dr. Saltzman examined the box, he knew exactly what it was. He studied it closer allowing Aquarian star pin on his lapel to reflect in the glass. “Roman Empire. The signs of wear show that it was used often. I’ll need to take a better look at it.” Inside the Professor was practically giddy. He knew what this was. It was the Spear of Destiny, long believed to be the very spear used by the god Odin himself. He just needed to get it back to the States. The Men of Letters were going to be excited to procure this particular piece and to keep it out of the wrong hands.


16 September 2030
Salvatore Boarding School
Mystic Falls, VA.

School was back in session. The arrivals were all returning with open hearts to be welcomed back by those who had stayed at school because they couldn’t go back home. Alaric Saltzman, Headmaster of the Salvatore Boarding School, was greeting as many as he could including the new students. He was forming bonds with other schools for supernatural beings. He’d worked out a few exchange student programs with places like Camp Half Blood, Ilvermony, and another school for witches called Hogwarts. That exchange program this year was something he was very excited to see manifest. Working closely with the Headmasters and Directors was a dream come true.

Passing by the front door, Alaric opened it. He assumed it was just another student. The old man standing there had hair the color of cotton. He wore a thick pair of glasses on his nose that magnified his eyes. On his lapel was an Aquarian Star. “Can I help you?” Alaric asked.

“Pardon me, but by chance was your Grandfather Ken Saltzman?” The man spoke with a distinctly New England accent.

Alaric nodded. “Yeah. Ken was my grandad. He passed away about 15 years ago.” He stood there in the doorway a minute longer.

The man pulled out a package and handed it to Alaric. It was a narrow rectangle wrapped in brown paper. “Your Grandad wanted you to have this Alaric.” He had a gentle smile towards the Headmaster.

Alaric took the box. He was mesmerized for a moment as he looked at the odd box. He started to speak again. “Thank you. Would you like to come --?” He looked up to the doorway to see that the old man was gone.

Alaric shouldn’t have been surprised at the disappearance of the old man, but he was. He took the rectangle box in his arms. Passing by several kids on the way, the Headmaster grinned and waved as he could. He moved into the office and closed the door behind him.

The door closed and the room was sound proofed. Alaric Saltzman had more than one job. Headmaster of the Salvatore Boarding School was the one everyone knew. What very few knew was that he ran the hub for the Hunters who used the Eastern half of the US as a base. He also provided them back up and weapons when needed. He rested the box on his desk. Taking a seat at his desk, he started to unwrap the package.

The spear tip that had been procured by his grandfather back in 1946 was now in his possession. Alaric hadn’t touched the spear itself. He found a note that was sealed in an envelope with that same Aquarian star.

I’m sure you know what this is. Please keep this in a safe spot. Dire consequences could happen if the wrong people get ahold of this.

Alaric looked more carefully at the spear. That’s when the stories his grandfather came rushing back to him. This was the Spear of Destiny. It was used by a Roman soldier to pierce the side of Jesus Christ while He was on the Cross. Legends also deciphered this small bit encased in glass in front of him that this was Odin’s Spear Gungir. This particular little trinket before him was also the instrument that could start Ragnarok.

Alaric moved the letter from his field of vision to see that the Spear was glowing. The Headmaster felt his anxiety levels shoot through the roof. “Just what I needed, the End of Everything...again.”
Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me.
credit: james kriet


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